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Yat-Kha - The ways of nomad. The best (2010)

Style: Throat singing, Rock, Folk rock
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet , 4p digipack

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Brand: Ят-Ха

Rocking nomad once again hit the road with the best hard growling songs from the heart of Asia.

"The Ways of Nomad" - is the first official best of compilation by famous Tuvan folk-rock band Yat-Kha. The band was founded in early 90-s by talented singer and guitarist Albert Kuvezin conjointly with Russian avant-garde, electronic composer Ivan Sokolovsky. It soon became one of the few Russian world music groups, which can gain recognition in wide western audience. Yat-Kha managed to create a unique mix from mystical sounds of traditional throat-singing style kargiraa khoomei with innovative modern electronics and hi-energy groove of guitar punk-rock.

The album consists of some best and remarkable songs, which shows the true milestones in bands artistic biography. From early experiments with ethno-electronic sounding and continuous attempts to find their own musical style, to hard-biting folk-rock anthems of our days, created in collaboration with some famous western artists. In addition to the musical material from Yat-Kha studio albums, "The Ways of Nomad" includes some bonus concert tracks, previously officially unreleased. 

Albert Kuvezin - vocals, guitar (1-14), yatkha (2-4);
Alexey Saaya - morinhuur and percussion (7), bass guitar (5-8), vocals (7-8);
Lu Edmonds - dungur (1, 3);
Kan-ool Mongush - vocals and morinhuur (2, 4)
Evgeny Tkachev - drums, dungur, percussion (5-14), vocal (7)
Aldyn-ool Sevek - vocals, hoomei and igil (7)
Saylyk Ommun - vocals (13, 14) yatha (9)
Radik Tyulyush - vocals, hoomei (9-14), igil (9-14)
Mikhail "Mahmoud" Skripalschikov - bass guitar (9-14)

01. В бескрайней черной степи / Karangailyg Kara Hovaa / In the endless black steppe
02. Дошпулур / Doshpuluurum
03. Каа-Хем /   Kaa-Khem
04. Амды барып / Amdy baryp
05. Кожамык /  Kozhamyk
06. Тувинские девушки / Tyva Kyztar / Tuvan girls
07. Ой, мороз / Oh, frost
08. Весенний ветер / Takh-Pakh Chaskhy Tan
09. Пойдем со мной  / Come Along
10. Тувинский рок / Tuva.Rock
11. Мой карабин /  Langchyy Boom / My gun
12. Хандагайты / Khandagaity
13. Верблюд-Скала / Teve Khaya / Camel Mounting
14. Ахой / Ahoi

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