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Hartyga - Hartyga and Albert Kuvezin "Agitator" (not available now)

Style: Throat singing, Rock, Psychedelic
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Soyuz
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack + poster

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"In my opinion it is currently the best modern group in Tuva. I call their style “ethno-jazz-rock”, though it could be not exact. Guys are acquainted good enough with classic music, jazz and rock, as well as with Tuvinian folk music, for it all to sound quite natural, which I have always been trying to achieve and preserve in “Yat-Ha”. I shall be honest with you, I am pleased that we have followers, and I would like to help them at this stage of their development. Plus young energy and drive lights me myself up, some kind of energy vampiring on my part."

Nachyn CHOREVE - throat singing, vocal, igil, doshpuluur
Albert KUVEZIN - throat singing, vocal, guitar
Nayys DULUSH - drums
Sergek SANDYK - saxophone
Angyr-ool ONDAR - bass

01. Chaahol
02. Aazyshkyn
03. Chavydak
04. Agitator
05. Megechi Ham
06. Kyngyrgay - Kon
07. Kokey - Noyan
08. Borbak
09. Tulane - Shynaa

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