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Bugotak - The Taiga Man (2007)

Style: Throat singing, Rock
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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Bugotak is a Siberian band playing folk-rock and ethnic music. Self-determination of the style: contemporary Siberian music based on the traditions of indigenous peoples. The name of the group has North Turkic roots: "puga" - bull and "tag" - mountain. Bull Mountain is a lonely hill standing in the steppe, visible from a great distance. Not far from Novosibirsk (about 60 km by rail Novosibirsk-Kemerovo) there is also a village and railway station Bugotak, located at the confluence of the same river in Yin.
From the album booklet:
Tradition looks unchanged only at a superficial glance at her. Being a creative reflection of ethnogenesis, a real, living tradition is changing, evolving along with the ethnos to which it belongs. In this album, we tried to express the most daring opportunities for the development of the acoustic culture of the Siberian meta-ethnos, united and original.
The worldview of the taiga man is sacred, he remembers the ancient and simple truths of the culture in which man and woman are given natural and comfortable roles by the god. The great Siberian spirit rises from a dream, devours the trends of globalization and builds its new body.


1. Ijus
2. Thunder Dance
3. My Name Is Agdam Ynal
4. The Isle
5. Fish Bowhunting
6. The Taiga Man     
7. Ak Bur-Khan
8. Tumke
9. Manchora
10. Holy And One
11. Winter
12. Attack To The South
13. Bahat'dzarin
14. Kozhung Of The Rising Sun

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