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Gen-Dos - Ham-Dyt / Shaman Tree (2005)

Style: Throat singing, world music
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Lollipop Shop
Source: CD

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Brand: Gen-Dos

Gennady Chamzyryn (Gendos)

Ham-Dyt consists mostly of traditional pieces and is, compared to other recordings, the quietest, most balanced and "simplest" release of Gendos, best suited to his concert performances over the past 3 years, where the brittle and Spartan instrumentation often presented the audience The question was whether it was still a concert or a ritual...

Gen dos Gennady Chamzyryn – Overtone Voice [Throat Singing], Voice, Tüngür [Dungur], Khomus, Jues Doshpuluur, Performer [Tim-pan, Celo, Chadagan]
Tatiana Rechnaya – flute

Artwork By [Design] – cdpro.pl

Photography – Hans Rossel
Producer – Grzegorz Gumuła
Recorded By [Drop] – Alex Pleninger
Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastered By – Maciej Flank
Tabla, Performer [Coconut Shells], Recorded By [Birds Of Sudety Mountains, Kamienna River] – Jędrzej Kuziela
Voice, Performer [Kalyuka] – NetLenka
Words By – Traditional

Recorded at Nowe Jerusalem Studio, Ząbkowice Śląskie (Frankenstein), Autumn 2004 & Spring 2005.
(p)(c)2005 Luna Music. Licensed and released in Germany by the Lollipop Shop, LC 10626.

1. Aldai Tandym - Gen Dos
2. Nar-Sham - Gen Dos     
3. Kadartchynyng Yry / Music By – D. Shaktarnyy / Words By – S. Piurbiuhuu
4. Angchy-La Men - Gen Dos    
5. Ynak Avaj - Gen Dos    
6. Homus - Gen Dos    
7. Tim-Pan - Gen Dos     
8. Manchureem - Gen Dos     
9. Obaj-La-Tajgam   - Gen Dos   
10. Opjej Yry - Gen Dos

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