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Otava Yo - Otava Yo – Do You Love? (2018)

Style: world music , Russian Folk songs
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Author's published
Source: CD
Edition type: digibook + booklet

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Brand: Отава Ё

The new album of the group Otava Ё "Do you like the love" was released in October 2018 and became the fifth studio album of the group. Five years have passed between the new release and the previous album, which radically changed the fate of Otava E, who turned from a local St. Petersburg folk team into one of the brightest stars of the Russian folk scene, in demand not only in our country but also abroad. Wide fame, international awards, sold-out concerts around the world - all of this together in the past five years, and all this is reflected in the new album, the most mature work of the group in the history of its existence.

The album "Do you love" includes nine tracks, among them all the best songs of the group, well-known for video clips. Including the song "Oh, Dusya, oh, Marusya" and "Sumetskaya", which became the greatest hit on YouTube, having collected there more than 17 million views. Funny humorous songs, the visiting card of Otava Yo, are side by side on the album with monumental lyrical canvases, such as the 8-minute title track "Do you love?". Special guests in the recording of the album were such musicians as Sergey Starostin, the ensemble “Izmailovo settlement”, Roman Lomov and others.

Alexey Belkin – bagpipe, gusli, zhaleika, vocal
Alexey Skosyrev – acoustic guitar, vocal
Dmitry Shikhardin – fiddle, vocal
Yulia Usova – violin, vocal
Petr Sergeev – darbuca, bass drum
Timur Sigidin – bass guitar
Pavel Karpenkov - double bass

Otava Yo is a famous Russian folk group from St. Petersburg. It was created in 2003 by Alexey Belkin (“Reelroad”) together with the musicians of the group Reelroad and SKAZY LESA(Tales of Forest). The group gained fame thanks to simple and accessible music, bright colors of the artists and frequent street performances, as well as numerous tours in Russia and Europe. The group has a large number of Russian folk instruments such as bagpipes, pipes and zhaleyka, gusli, violin, percussions and big drum, guitar and bass guitar. The repertoire of the group consists of Russian folk songs of varying degrees of fame.

The turning point in the history of the group was 2015, when Otava Yo recorded and released a video for the Russian folk song "Sumetskaya", shot with the participation of the artel of the Russian fist fight "Buza". For several weeks, several million people watched the video on YouTube, he entered the top 10 music video clips of 2015, and also headed the European World Music video chart in February 2015.

The group actively gives concerts and performs at a variety of ethnic and folk festivals in different countries, presenting modern Russian folk music for everyone who is interested in happy and outgoing folk. Otava Yo participated in the festivals: “Wild Mint”, “WOMAD”, “World of Siberia”, “Kaustinen folk festival” and others; as well as at the international world music exhibition "WOMEX-2014".


1. Как на горке, на горе / As on a hill, on a mountain
2. Ой, Дуся, ой, Маруся / Oi, Dusya, oi, Marusya
3. Метёлки / Panicle
4. Посеял девки лён  / Sowed girls flax
5. Раз прислал мне барин чаю / Once sent me barin (landowner) tea
6. Загорелась во поле калина / Shining viburnum in the field
7. Любишь ли ты? / Do you love?
8. Сумецкая / Sumetskaya
9. Червонная роза / Red rose

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