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Various - Traditional music and throat singing of Tuva: Kyzyl-Moscow

Style: Throat singing, Folklor (traditional)
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD

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The concept of the festival is the dialogue of two cultures, two capitals, and two peoples: Kyzyl as the capital of Asia, and Moscow as the capital of Russia.
Tuvan music tradition has an unparalleled emotional radiance. It is wonderfully diverse, melodic and easily accessible even for a first-time listener.  The throatsinging has been a symbol of Tuvan culture and identity since the times of old, being an important part of celebrations and rites, and often mentioned in heroic epics and tales. It had never been developed separately, being a part of variety of art forms and life’s activities, inherited from one generation to another, and connected to the wide and mysterious world of nomadic poetry.
Moscow poses as an overly urbanized world that with its big-city rush forgets traditions and the treasure of each nation, traditional culture. Against this background, the careful and skillful devotion of Tuvans towards their own tradition is a symbol that makes you think of your own history and in conjunction of your place in the world community. Moscow and Kyzyl, two ancient Eurasian capitals, connect times together with the help of traditions and the music.


1. Murgul (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
2. Baezhin Kydat (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
3. Tarlaashkin (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
4. Sartyktar (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
5. Bayan Dugai #1  (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
6. Kysting Chure (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
7. Aldy Bashtyg Kara-Dag (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
8. Cheler Boram (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
9. Kozhamyktar #1 (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
10. Bayan Dugai #2 (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
11. Bashtak Yry (Changy-Khaya Ensemble)
12. Baezhin Kydat #2 (Olchey)
13. Oske Cher (Olchey)
14. Kozhamyktar #2 (Olchey)
15. Kongurai (Olchey)
16. Tyvam (Alash Ensemble)
17. Dembildey (Alash Ensemble)
18. Bashtak-la Deesh Meni Kanchaar? (Alash Ensemble)
19. Sygyt (Alash Ensemble)
20. Dujumet (Alash Ensemble)
21. Syyn Myigak (Alash Ensemble)
22. Alash (Alash Ensemble)
23. Ezengi (Alash Ensemble)
24. Aa-Shuu Dekei-oo (Alash Ensemble)
25. Ene-Sai (Alash Ensemble & Changyi-Khaya Ensemble)

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