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Gen-Dos - Shizo I.D. (2006)

Style: Throat singing, Folk rock, folk metal
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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Brand: Gen-Dos

"Gen-Dos" project is a combination of different styles of throat singing, ancient Tuvan shamans traditions with modern rock & electronic music.

Gennady Chamzyryn (Gendos) (group leader) is a real hereditary shaman, performs all styles of the Tuvan throat singing ("sygyt", "khoomei" & "kargyraa"). This exclusive material for the first time after legendary group "Yat-Kha" represents synthesis of the Tuvian folk music with rock and alternative electronic.
The album is bright and interesting. There is a lot of guitar, a bass, keyboard sound in the album & sometimes it comes to the trance-like grooves.
But Tuvan tradition here nevertheless is playing a great part, just like in art of many overs folk-oriented groups from Tuva. Though the producer of an album Alexander Medvedev is Russian, he lives and works in Kyzyl (Tuva capital) & makes all he can to represent the modern sound of Tuvan music on the base of it`s deep rooted traditions. We hope that behind album SHIZO I. D. Other works of musicians will follow also.

released October 14, 2013


Alexander Medvedev - guitar, programming
Gennady Chamzyryn (Gendos) - vocals, traditional instruments
Alexei Saaya - bass, morinhuur

1. Shizo
2. Ham-Dyt: Shamanic Tree (Throat Singing Industrial Version)
3. Kolhozchu Men
4. Doshpulurum
5. Changiz-Terek
6. Chandyrar Men  
7. Chylgychy
8. Kargyraa: Tuvan Throat Singing (Dark Groove Version)
9. Tos  
10. Dyngyldai: Tuvan couplets (Throat Singing Rock Version)

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