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Home » Style » Throat singing » world music » Badma-Khanda - Nayan Navaa. Traditional Buryat Songs (2006)

Badma-Khanda - Nayan Navaa. Traditional Buryat Songs (2006)

Style: Throat singing, world music
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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Nayan Navaa is the third album ot Badma-Khanda group, named after wonderful Buryat singer Badma-Khanda.
The songs for this album were recorded at different studios and at different times. The album was planned to be eclectic in order to show all the stylistic diversity of the group. Badma-Khanda sings ethno-pop, ethno-jazz, pop music and old folk songs with equal ease and grace. She performed at Bubin Museum, Tibet House (New York), Museum of Oriental arts (Moscow), at festivals in many countries.
There is not such a place where people's hearts were left indifferent and whose souls weren't won by the fantastic singing.
Well-known jazzman trombonist Roswell Rudd, whose career started in the 50s, recorded an album with Badma - Khanda, which was called "Blue Mongol".
The Album got four stars in very respectable jazz magazine "Downbeat". The New York Times published a rapt article about the successful album.
Battuvshin Raldantseren is another part of Badma-Khanda group. A talented and prolific musician, a multi-instrumentalist, he is widely recognized as one of the best limbe players.
He is Grand Prize winner at the All Mongolian Limbe competition (1991), Gold Medal winner at Seoul International Festival (1389), Merited Artist ot the Republic of Buryatia.
In 2002 Battuvshin taught throat singing at the University of Indiana, Bloomington, USA

Badma Handa - vocals;
Battuvshin Baldantsyren - throat singing, limba, tsoor, bishkhur, moriin-khur, jew's harp
Dmitry Ayurov - moriin-khur (8, 14)
Kermen Kaliayeva - iochin (6)
Valentina Namdykova - yatag (6)
Edward Kripunov - guitar, acoustic guitar (2, 7)
Dmitry Simonov - bass (2, 7)

About instruments:
Limba - a traditional wind instrument such as a transverse flute. The tool is a bamboo tube, closed at the top with a wooden stopper. The sound of the limb is very strong, piercing.
Sur - a wooden wind instrument such as a longitudinal flute, reminiscent of the timbre of the limb, but sounding a little softer. Has a cigar-like shape. Sur is distributed mainly in the western regions of Buryatia, in the eastern regions limb is more often used.
Bishkhur - wooden oboist instrument
Morin huur is a Mongolian traditional two-string bow instrument or Mongolian violin.
Iocine is a stringed plucked instrument resembling a harp.

01. Lark
02. Nayan Navaa
03. Where from ?
04. Golden
05. Parents' precept
06. What shall l do ?
07. Yokhor (Round dance song)
08. Ulirengue
09. Moonlit cuckoo
10. Ode to a horse
11. Koulkison
12. Ukurik
13. I've been thinking about you
14. Parents' song
15. Welcoming song
16. Monther's song


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