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Namgar - Namgar - Hatar (2003)

Style: Throat singing, Folklor (traditional), world music
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet

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Brand: Намгар

«Namgar» – is the unique Moscow-based group, playing the music of Southern Siberia and Mongolia.  On the one hand, the group’s message is a revival of passing genres of  nomads’ creativity  – Buryat dance tunes njeriejen and joohor, «ring-songs», Mongolian olden time songs about beauties and heroes, and their mighty horses. On the other hand – it’s a search for a new musical language, where electric noise reminds of the space filled with ancient nomadic tunes.

Namgar, which in translation from Buryat means "white cloud" - the Moscow-Ulan-Ude musical group created in 2001. The group performs traditional music and songs of Buryats and Mongols, as well as their own interpretations of the folklore of Mongolian peoples. These are ancient legends of a brave tribe of Buryats, great warriors and fearless hunters. In the repertoire of Namgar there are Buryat dance songs (Nereen and Yohor), ring game songs, Buryat lingering songs, etc.

The key participants are Namgar Lhasaranova (vocals) and Evgeniy Zolotarev - changza (three-stringed lute, covered with snake skin and featuring a clear, short sound.). For a considerable time the group consisted of four members: N. Lhasaranova, E. Zolotarev, J. Urantugs (Mongolia) - yataga (Far Eastern zither), vocal and H. Altangarel (Mongolia) - morin huur, singing, throat singing. From 2003 to 2008, the composition of the group changed significantly.

Hathar's album was recorded in 2003. It included traditional Buryat songs and choral (songs around the fire). The album is sustained in the traditional style, however, some influence of modern music can be heard on the parties of percussion and changza.

Namgar Lhasaranova - vocals
Evgeny Zolotarev - chanza, vocals
Jamyan Urantogs - yataga, vocals
Altan Geral Hishigtoghok - morin-huur, vocal
Nikolay Ksenofontov - percussion
Baldantsyrenengine Battubshin - limb, throat singing, harpoons
Yuri Balashov - snag, Tibetan singing bowl

Record and mixing - Andrey Pltnikov
Mastering - Maxim Khobotov (Dub Constructor)


 1  Yookhor I (The Buryat Round Dance) - Namgar / Hatar
 2  Arwan Tavnii Sar - Namgar / Hatar
 3  Buljamur (Skylark) - Namgar / Hatar
 4  Yookhor II  (The Buryat Round Dance) - Namgar / Hatar
 5  Buriad Oron (The Earth Buryat) - Namgar / Hatar
 6  Taviin Hasag - Namgar / Hatar
 7  Hadadaa - Namgar / Hatar
 8  Erbed Sookhor - Namgar / Hatar
 9  Torgon Haaryn Alkhan'      - Namgar / Hatar
10  Gaikhamaaraa  - Namgar / Hatar
11  Yookhor III  (The Buryat Round Dance) - Namgar / Hatar
12  Yundengoogoo - Namgar / Hatar
13  Tuulai  - Namgar / Hatar 


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