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Stepanida Borisova - Impressio. Nine songs in a toyuk style (2010)

Style: Throat singing, Rock, Folk rock
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet

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Stepanida Borisova is an epic actress and ethnic singer; she's a star of world music and always  welcomed guest on different musical festivals all arownd the world (folk or ). Stepanida is often sings solo, she also collaborates with some of the best ethnic percussionist and electronic musicians from around the world.  

Newest Stepanida's album «Impressio» was recorded in her native town of Yakutsk in Saha Republic in collaboration with some of the best yakutian rock musicians. This album fuses ancient art of singing with modern rhythms of avant-garde, rock and jazz music in one creative act of trancendental ritual deeply fullfiled whith sacral meanining.    

«Impressio» album, wich subtitled «Nine songs in a toyuk style» is a mix of yakutian folklore with art-rock background, it's a voice of Stesha (Stepanida Borisova) reaching us from past ages nad from far future, kalysah-styled sax, improvisations on electric guitars, tricky rhythm of the drums. CD futured Alexandr Ilyin and Yuriy Vasilev from rock-band "Cholbon", Spiridonov brothers and Mihail Pereterov from ethno-jazz band "Ay-tal", guitarist from "Choron" and "-72" groups Genadiy Stepanov (RIP), guitarist Ěihail Dmitriev and drummer Stas Parfyonov – all of them played parts in this album composition. Many of album song arrangements is created on the run: one man suddenly added in composition the sound of accordion, another played there on a sax like if it was traditional wind insrument... and so it goes on. Where were some difficulties and pauses in creation process - the album has recorded and mixed for almost whole two years. And now all hard and plesant work is done and result lay before you. All of Stepanidas songs is sounds like an magic enchantmants. Here one of them - «Înce in Yakutsk », telling the story about the girl, who has a secret knowledge of thigs and who once dissapired from the face of the earth - maybe she gone to some place far-far away, or just merged with the music.   

In Stepanidas chants we can hear the echos of something, that vaguely remembered, premonition or forseen. Something that we can discover sometimes. Or maybe it remains mystery forever.

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1. Осенний поцелуй / Autumn kiss
2. Когда ты придешь / When you come
3. Думала я / I was thinking
4. Лето / Summer
5. Когда то в городе / One day in a town
6. Не троньте меня / Don’t toch me
7. Не входи в мои сны / Don`t come into my dreams
8. Ворон черный / Black raven
9. Благословение / Blessing

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