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Sergey Starostin - As Easy as Pie. Concert in DOM Club (2004)

Style: Folklor (traditional), world music , Russian Folk songs
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 12-р booklet + slimbox

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Concert in DOM Club - Russian folklore and world music, authentic ethnic wind and percussion.

This album represents the alive record, made in the concert in “DOM” Center. Its participants – the well-known specialist in the Russian folklore, singer and musician Sergey Starostin and the percussionist Mario Kaldararu, working in the ethnic style – did not rehearse, they just played a little before the concert and took its course. That is why they called the album “As easy as a pie”.

There we meet alive folklore – naive and ecological art. The record was successful because naivete and purity cause freedom and lightness. On the other hand, these spontaneity, freedom and simplicity are marked with high professional level of the participants of this project, as well as with successful experience of various collaborations, including the advance guard.

Sergey Starostin graduated the conservatoire, Mario took part in the abroad tours in the amount of art-jazz-trio “Trigon”. Both, being the creative personalities, regard every kind of art positively, willingly taking part in various experiments.

The voice of Sergey in harmonious union with the sound of Russian folk aerophones and ethnic percussion create the world, full of great fascination, deepness and power.

“I am so glad, that we have played this concert and the record was made successfully. I seem, than the project turned out well. Our good mood stayed on the record, and the fact, that there was no rehearse, created spontaneously the spirit of such a lightness and simplicity.”

All turned out as easy, as a pie: two good men gathered together, they treat each other with respect and interest, and they sang and played for their own pleasure, and we can share this pleasure now.

Sergey Starostin – vocal ( 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11 ), horn ( 3 ), prosvirelka (reed-pipe) ( 1,10 ), gusli ( 7,9 )
Mario Kaldararu – gorshki (clay percussion) (4,7,10), barabanka (shepherd’s alarm instrument) (3), darbuka (5,6), kowbell (11), drums (1,2,10).

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1. Vesna (Spring), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
2. Kumushki (O Godmothers), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
3. Pastukhi (Shepherds), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
4. Devki (Girls), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
5. Tanya (Tanya), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
6. Golova (Head), lyrics by Starostin, arr. Starostin & Mario
7. Zalivochka, trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
8. Javranënochek (Little Skylark), trad. lyrics, arr. Starostin & Mario
9. Gluboko (Deep), lyrics by Starostin, arr. Starostin
10. Yarmarka (Bazaar), arr. Starostin
11. Katarsis (Catharsis), lyrics by Starostin

In the forest, in the forest
Two birches stand near
On the first birch
A cuckoo cuckooes
A cuckoo cuckooes
Telling not the whole truth
On the other birch
A nightingale twitters
A nightingale twitters
Telling the whole truth
As the guelder-rose
Would not be sweeter than the raspberry
As the mother-in-law
Would not be better than the own mother
As the sisters-in-law
Would not be better than the own sisters
As the brothers-in-law
Would not be better than the own brothers
So the father-in-law
Would not be better than the own father

Hey you, field birdie
Where did you spend the night?
First night in the forest
Second night in the bush
Third night near the road
There the skomorokhs passed by
Each cut off a twig
Each made a fife
Oh, don’t play the fife
Don’t wake my father
My father is over the river
He’s drinking green wine
He’s drinking away my plait

Oh my dear sworn sisters
My dear friends
When you go to the green garden
Take me too
When you pick the flowers
Pick for me too
When you twine the wreaths
Twine for me too
When you go to the Danube-river
Take me too
When you throw the wreaths in the river
Throw my one too
All the wreaths swim on the water
And my one sank
All the boyfriends came back from the war
My one is not there
He doesn’t come back, doesn’t write me letters
He seems to have forgot me

We woke up early
We washed our faces
We walked around the field
Appealing to St. George
Praising St. Macarius
Oh, Brave George
Oh, Reverend Macarius
Guard our cattle
In the field and over the field
In the forest and over the forest
Under the lucid sun
Under the bright moon
Save it from the fierce beast
Save it from the artful beast
Save it from the crafty bear


Girls joined their hands
They began the round dance
They began the round dance
All the people had a fun

And because the bygone love
One lad played a joke
One lad played a joke
For fun he treaded on my leg

For fun he treaded on my leg
His boot broke my shoe
His boot broke my shoe
And stained my white stocking

Oh, I don’t feel sorry for the shoe
I feel sorry for the white stocking
The shoe was purchased by my father
The stocking is my sweetheart’s present

Tanya-Taniushka, Tanya white
Tanya is white and ruddy-cheeked
Ruddy-cheeked and dark-browd
Dark-browd and dark-eyed
She dances not according to our custom
She dances according the Turkish custom
She moves dansing to the voevode`s courtyard
And voevode`s son
Is standing on the porch
He is standing on the porch and looking at Tanya
Oh, how white Tanya is
How white and ruddy-cheeked she is
I love Tanya, I will marry her
I will marry her, buy for her shoes
White Tanya was frightened
Changed her countenance
She drowned herself in the river
All the people were astonished
All the churches opened the doors
All the people go to the church
Carry white Tanya to the burial service


Oh, my wild head is ill
My wild head is ill
Because of the green wine
Because of the green wine
My head is drunk
Oh, I will wake up, a young man
To drink some water
Oh, I wouldn’t drink water
The dip-buckets are empty
My wife seems to leave me
Oh, I will go, a young man
I will go into the street
Oh, I will cry, a young man
I will cry loudly
Oh, come back home
Oh, give me
Spring water to drink

But I can’t see her tracks
I can’t hear her voice
Just the feather grass
Bows downward
Speaking as a human
Speaking aloud
As the sun will not shine
Brighter than in the summer
So we will not live together
Better than in the old days

(quaveringly singing girl)

Oh, zalivochka, zalivochka, thin little nose
My zalivochka, you seem to have a good voice
Oh, my darling didn’t love me, now she will love
She’ll come to my bed, but there will be no one to love
Oh, it wasn’t my will, she set the bench herself
Oh, it wasn’t my will, she made me love her herself
The carpet is black, I spread my jacket there
Get used, my girl, to sleep sideways
Oh, I love you, zalivochka, for the good play
When I die, I`ll ask zalivochka to play
Oh, I will be taken to the army, oh, mama, I wouldn’t like it
My darling will remain alone and someone else will get her

Sing, sing, little lark
On the high mountain
On the thawed patch, warmed with the sun
Make you heard through the grey woods,
Through the dark forest
To the stone Moscow
I`ve been sitting here for neither one, nor two years
On the third year I wrote a letter
To my father and my mother
My father and my mother didn`t answer me
I wrote a letter to my young wife
My young wife didn`t give me up
She answered me


Deep, deep
The ore in the ground
Deep, deep
The water in the well
My grief is deeper
My sorrow is deeper

Wide, wide
The river overflowed
Wide, wide
The fields lie
The light of grace is wider
My happiness is wider

Far, far my horse ran away
Far, far my horse skipped away
Far, far, I wouldn’t reach him
Far, far, I wouldn’t catch him
My sadness is farther
My anguish is farther

High, high the falcon flew away
High, high the falcon flew away
High, high the falcon rose up
High behind the clouds the falcon flew away
My joy is higher
My love is higher


Oh, manna from heaven.
Don’t worry about

Poison and lips.
I cover myself
With the morning grass.

Pitch darkness between.
I prick.

Arose just to live,
Thread-veins are so thin.


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