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Home » Style » Folklor (traditional) » Spiritual poetry » medieval » Classic » Varvara Kotova - Early Music Ensemble Uzorika "From Christmas to Easter" (2015)

Varvara Kotova - Early Music Ensemble Uzorika "From Christmas to Easter" (2015)

Style: Folklor (traditional), Spiritual poetry, medieval, Classic
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals , East Europe / Balkans
Source: CD

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The CD "From Christmas to Easter," written in 2012. Artists are focused on Russian, mostly liturgical music of XVI - the beginning of the XVIII centuries. It may be noted a serious approach to the selection of repertoire, research the collective, collaboration with musicologists dealing with the ancient Russian music. Half of the disc - the work, not previously published, reconstructed from manuscript books XVI - the beginning of the XVIII century (№№ 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 12, 13, 16). Nebogosluzhebnaya music (cants) with the accompaniment of harps sound, recorder and hurdy lira.

Varvara Kotova - vocal, gusli
Polina Terent'eva - vocals, hurdy gurdy
Olga Sokolova - vocals
Evgeniya Golubeva - vocals
Anna Vasileva – vocals


1. Kant at Christmas (beg.  XVIII с)
2. What do you bring - partesny harmonization Znamenny Chant, Ch. 2 (en. XVII с)
3. Strange Christmas beheld - partesny concert (beg.  XVIII с)
4. You are my Creator Merciful - spiritual verse written tradition (en. XIX с)
5. Retse Vavilonstey (136 pc.) - Demestvenny chant (XVII с)
6. Mire lukaviy - penitential Kant (beg. of XVIII с)
7. Play likovstvuyusche - partesnogo concert (beg. of XVIII с)
8. About you rejoice - partesny harmonization track chant (en. XVII c)
9. Yes Erdane - spiritual verse (Belgorod region)
10. Weeping Virgin - Kant (beg.  XVIII c)
11. Weep not for Me, Mother - znamenny painting, Chap. 6 (XVI c)
12. Arise, O God - the Great prokeimenon Ch. 7 troestrochie (beg.  XVIII c)
13. Christ is Risen demestvennogo (en. XVII c)
14. Kant on the Resurrection of Christ - (beg.  XVIII c)
15. This verse about love - the reconstruction of P. Terentyeva in partesny harmonization style, Ch. 1 (en. XVII.)


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