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Bolot Bairyshev - Bolot Bairyshev ‎– The Best (2010)

Style: Throat singing

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Bolot Bairyshev (Russian: Болот Байрышев) is a singer from the Altai Republic. As the 10th of 17 children of a farmer’s family, Bolot grew up in the Altai mountains.
He was taught to play the Jew’s harp by his grandmother who used to play by the fire in the evening and by his uncle who was a famous khomus player. In 1992 his international career began when he won in the competition ”The Voice of Asia”. Later he played with Joe Zawinul and with various musicians from Jamaica and the USA. After some painful experiences with the Western market economy he has been working as an independent musician since 1994.
This compilation was compiled and published by Bolot Bairyshev on the eve of his big world tour. The album includes the best compositions, both in traditional sound and in modern arrangements.


1. Kay Bolot
2. Tundra
3. Kam
4. Following the trail
5. The lake
6. Hunting
7. I'll be back
8. Tae Shor
9. Sacred Ukok
10. Kara Koy (the Black lamb)
11. Bala's Eyes (part of the Epic)
12. Enemge Alkish (Mother's Goodwill)
13. Men Koyonok (I'm a little hare)
14. Flight
15. The Keeper of Fire

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