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Home » Style » Throat singing » Rock » Folk rock » Psychedelic » Rada and Ternovnik, Nogon Shumarov - Rada & Ternovnik with Nogon Shumarov "Ukok" (2013)

Rada and Ternovnik, Nogon Shumarov - Rada & Ternovnik with Nogon Shumarov "Ukok" (2013)

Style: Throat singing, Rock, Folk rock, Psychedelic
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals , Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Wyrgorod
Source: CD

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The album is dedicated to the mountain plateau Ukok. Ukok - this is a unique place in the Altai Mountains on the border of Russia, Kazakhstan and China, an object
UNESCO World Heritage Site, the habitat of the snow leopard and other animals and plants listed in the Red Book. Hundreds of ancient burial mounds covered Ukok, the tomb of the famous Altai Princess was found here.
For many years the WWF World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace and other nongovernmental organizations - members of the coalition "Save the Ukok" are fighting for the preservation of this sacred place.
The concert program was another Ukok "protective diploma" for the plateau to the plans the construction of the gas pipeline through the Ukok and any industrial development of the Altai highlands have remained plans!

Rada - vocals, tambourine, karatalas, thunder, kugikly; songs
Nogon Shumarov - vocal, vargan, topshur
Angela Manukyan - vocals (14)
Vladimir Anchevskaya - guitars, gongs, drum, recording, mixing
Thais Kislyakova - cello, droning drum, tambourine
Vladimir Kisliakof - bass guitar
Dmitry Sinelnikov - drums
Daniel Korotaev - some serious, technical advice
Maxim Haykin - record
Andrei Rogozhin - the idea of ​​the project, producing
Igor Heitmann - photos plateau Ukok, album design
John Tatart - concert Photo Nogon Shumarova with the group "Rada and Tepnovnik"

1. A ne byt' vetram
2. Ptitsa
3. Chudo chudnoye
4. Kholodno
5. Na perekrestii trekh dorog
6. Salamandra
7. Voplenitsa
8. Kryl'ya
9. Ognom i mechom
10. Uletaya
11. A pridot pora
12. Kolybel'naya zmei
13. Potemnelo
14. A ne chto-to — vso ischezlo
15. Etnicheskaya

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