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Home » Style » Throat singing » Folklor (traditional) » - Dörvön Berkh – Masters Of Mongolian Overtone Singing ( 2010)

- Dörvön Berkh – Masters Of Mongolian Overtone Singing ( 2010)

Style: Throat singing, Folklor (traditional)
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: PAN Records
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack + booklet

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Dörvön Berkh can roughly be translated as “four sides”. In the Mongolian game of shagai in which four sheep or goat ankle bones are rolled like die, the term refers to when one of each side turns up in a single roll. It is extremely rare, but when it happens the roller receives good luck for the future. Dörvön Berkh is thus also used to describe when four people reach high social status together. For the first time, four greatly respected masters of Mongolian overtone singing have been brought together on stage to “roll” the four sides of overtone singing together.

1. Xoomij Uria Duudlaga (Diphonic Calls)     4:39
2. Altain Magtaal (Altai Praise Song)     6:51
3. Xoomij Magtaal (Praise Song To Overtone Singing)     4:28
4. Xoomij Tsuur (Improvisation With Tsuur Flute And Xoomij)     5:53
5. Tooroi Bandi (Urtiin Duu Long Song Sung With Xosmoljin Xoomij)     4:00
6. Xurdan Morinii Magtaal (Praise Song To Race Horses)     2:22
7. Temeen Jingiin Tsuvaa (The Camel Caravan)     7:05
8. Ser Xargain Suuder (The Shadow Of The Larch)     3:07
9 . Xoomijni Toroluud (Kinds Of Overtone Singing)     10:12
10 . Jangar (Extract From The Jangar Epic)     2:59
11 . Yanjinlxamiin Magtaal (Praise Song To Yanjinlxam)     6:23
12 . Xoxoo Namjil (Legend Of Khookhoo Namjil)     3:22
13 . Ex Oronii Magtaal (Praise Song To Mother Earth)     7:16
14 . Improvisation     1:43

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