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Home » Style » Art-rock » Psychedelic » - Zhaoze – Intoxicatingly Lost (2016)

- Zhaoze – Intoxicatingly Lost (2016)

Style: Art-rock, Psychedelic
Region: East / Asia / India / China / Japan
Label: Trial Records
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack

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Zhaoze band was founded in China. They use unique music instruments and arrangements that are quite unlike anything anyone outside China has heard. They have built an inimitable sound, blending Chinese classical aesthetics with modern, Western rock.

"Intoxicatingly Lost" is the official Western debut release by the group. The album includes new tracks from their latest album as well as several bonus tracks from the band's earlier recordings. All tracks included here are instrumental, offering the audience a starting point and as well as an infinite white space for individual journey.


1. The Worthless     5:06
2. See You In The Dusk     6:19
3. Luò Mù (Falling Leaves)     7:16
4. 1911 Third Mov.     8:26
5. The Youngster Fishing For The Stars     6:59
6. Lonely Shadow Would Dance     5:02
7. Sleepy Child Sweet Smile     4:01
8. Into Your Dream     6:12
9. Intoxicatingly Lost     12:13

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