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Va-Ta-Ga - Mikuliny Gory (2007)

Style: Ethno fusion, world music , Ambient
Region: Karelia / Finland / Russian Nord / Nordic
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet

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Va-Ta-Ga is a qualitative fusion of authentic folk and skomoroshiyh songs and ceremonies with modern musical culture. In the work of the band you can see contemporary ethnic music, ambient and fusion. All played by musicians live and very harmoniously combined with the theme of the Russian tradition, represented by the collective leader Alexander Leonov in the form of traditional texts and authentic folk instruments.

The group was formed in the early 2000s in the city of Petrozavodsk (Karelia). The first years the group was called Reel, as on the wave was the theme of Celtic music, and in the work of the group sometimes traced the Celtic motifs. Nevertheless, already in the first studio album "Strange people" the influence of Celtic music was minimized. Even then, the sound of the band acquired a magical balance between ambient ambient and bright dynamics. The band became quite popular and popular, foreign tours were followed by tours around Russia, many reviews and articles were written in the media.

Approximately in 2005, in connection with the decree of the soloist and violinist Olga Gaydam, the group began to perform in the quartet, in this composition, and recorded the album Mikulina Gora, which was published in 2007. The album sounds very beautiful, revealing the texture of modern ethnic music, ethno ambient and fusion. Traditional songs of the Russian North acquired a special sound on this album.

In parallel, CD-albums were released by projects such as Leonov-Sokolov-Derelev and Lespromkhoz Groove Perkhommans first. Later, because of disagreements within the team, the group disintegrated. Alexander Leonov and Olga Gaydamak founded the ethno-electronic project Yarga Sound System, and Alexey Derelev, Arkady Sokolov and Sergei Shelyapin created the instrumental trio of Asketics.


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