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Home » Style » Ethno jazz » world music » Gypsy music » Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka (2013) feat Marko Markovic & Artem Uzunov

Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka (2013) feat Marko Markovic & Artem Uzunov

Style: Ethno jazz, world music , Gypsy music
Region: East Europe / Balkans
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack

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  The new album Bubamara Brass Bend "Balkanteka" again delights us with the sounds of the original Balkan brass. Not for nothing musicians worked the whole year - album turned a full of bright colors and drive. The big surprise for fans became involved in the album famous Serbian trumpeter Marko Markovic from the Orchestra Boban and Marko Markovic.
   And though the whole album played in the Balkan style therein only two traditional songs - a classic gypsy Serbian song "Caje Sukarije", and the famous Macedonian song "Zajdi, Zajdi Jasno Sonce". Authorship of all the other tracks owned by the leader of the band - Alexander Kashtanov.
   It is worth noting the song "Balkanteka" which gave the name to all album. The song is based on the melody "Manteca" by the great jazzman Dizzy Gillespie with additional Balkan ornamentation and with elements of the bolero.
   The song "Krisna i Nila" is dedicated to the heroes of contemporary Indian movie "Deiva Thirumagal" (God's child). This heartfelt lyrical song about dad Krishna and daughter Nila (Moon) which, unfortunately, are trying to tear apart.
   And another fun and playful albums song "Nikola, Baka i Kolaci" (Nicholas, grandmother and pies) is dedicated  to one of the orchestras musicians, missed the rehearsal for the birthday of her grandmother. This song is   already became a hit in orchestras live concerts.


Nataliya Zherenkova - vocal, violin (8,12)
Aleksandar Kashtanov - a. sax, flute (2,4,7,10), guitar (3,8), zills
Nikolay Moiseenko - a. sax
Konstantin Safyanov - a. sax
Oleg Grymov - clarinets, s. sax (2, 5)
Sergey Serov - trombone, bass trumpet, voice (9)
Arhip Samsonov - baritone-horn
Artem Koryapin - baritone-horn, trumpet
Dmitriy Karev - accordion
Andrey Timofeev - tuba
Iliya Lipatov - drums
Alexandr Vtorov - drums
Artem Uzunov - darbouka, cajon (3,11)
feat. Marko Markovic (Srbija) - trumpet (6, 8)

1. Jana Cocek (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
2. Krisna i Nila (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
3. Caje Sukarije - v2.0 (Gypsy trad.) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
4. Usred Sveta (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
5. Sunce Dugom Putuje (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
6. Nikola, Baka i Kolaci (A.Kashtanov, feat. Marko Markovic) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
7. Ellydance (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
8. Balkanteka (Dizzy Gillespie/A.Kashtanov, feat. Marko Markovic) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
9. Omocka (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
10. Tanjica-Lepotica (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
11. Crimea River (A.Kashtanov) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka
12. Zajdi, Zajdi Jasno Sonce (Makedonska) / Bubamara Brass Band – Balkanteka

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