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Olga Sergeeva - Music of Russian Lake Country. Studio recordings 2CD (2007)

Style: Folklor (traditional), Russian Folk songs
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Bomba-Piter
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack + booklet

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Among all the remarkable Usvyaty singers it is necessary, first and foremost, to single out the name of Olga Fedoseevna Sergeeva. We communicated with Olga Sergeeva for ten years and recorded over 300 songs in the most various genres performed by her. I brought the singer to Leningrad three times and she performed in ethnographic concerts in the House of Composers, on Leningrad radio and made some records with "Melodia" company. Sergeeva is an outstanding folk singer. Ritual songs and old lyric prevail in her richest repertoire which indicates the high artistic taste of Olga Sergeeva ,as most of her contemporaries prefer singing new lyrical songs of the romance type. In the lyrical songs especially loved by the singer her voice sounds plummy, deep, however reserved at the same time and even subdued a bit, and from the very first sounds it spellbinds the listener with its beauty and cordiality. There is nothing outward, emotionally open in her performance, this is singing for herself with no relation to the listener. At the same time plainness, naturalness, strictness, is combined here with improvised freedom and excellence of micro variation. "Each song has one hundred changes", the singer remarked once. It is not by chance that Andrei Tarkovsky chose the recording of O. F. Sergeevas's song for his film "Nostalgia" (including "Kumushki" song - track 52).


1.С гор-горы снежки сыплют.
2. Вился хмель по болоту.
3. Мой негодяй захворел.
4. У нас Масленица - гуляница.
5. Посею свое горе.
6. Кумушки.
7. Иванова матка.
8. Полянка-круглянка.
9. Червонная роза.
10. Дым по полю.
11. Иван да Марья.
12. Как за речушкой.
13. Василь, Василёк.
14. Ранёшенько-рано.
15. Жнеи, мои жнеи.
16. Ехали солдаты.
17. Ой, да ты рябинушка.

1. А на горке против солнышка
2. Ой, бел же калач, боярушки
3. Нежалостлива Алёнушка
4. Наделяная
5. Ой, расступитесь-разойдитесь!
6. А нам вера не верится
7. Говорил Иванушка с вороным конём
8. Не было ветерку - понавеяло
9. Плавала утица по синему морю
10. На бору тетерёк болмочет
11. Как тут жить - в чужи люди йтить
12. А у голуба золотая голова
13. Лучше нет у нас такого молойца
14. Березничек листоватый
15. А пташечки по вокошечкам летають
16. За рекой калинушка рано расцвела. Аринина песня

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