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Olga Sergeeva - Music of Russian Lake Country. Field recordings 2CD (2007)

Style: Folklor (traditional), Russian Folk songs
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Bomba-Piter
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack + booklet

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Known folklore performer Olga Fedoseevna Sergeeva was born on September, 27th, 1922 in village Perelazy of Usvjatsky area in a country family. Since the childhood worked with mother on a farm, on different field works — there and listened, as sing songs in the field of the woman. The girl ran to the neigbour to listen, as she sings, while all songs it hasn't adopted. It also has become famous for execution of songs: it distinguished both variety of a material, and an execution manner – pathetic and at the same time emotional. Specialists in folklore of Leningrad, Moscow, Moldova, France came to write down from it songs of the most different genres. Olga Sergeeva was in Leningrad where acted in ethnographic concerts of the House of composers on the Leningrad radio three times, and also registered on firm "Melodia" plates. For director A.Tarkovsky the singer became a symbol of Russia. Song Sergeevoj of "Kumushki", and also wedding crying and imitation of a violin folk tune by "language" (a voice imitating sounding of the tool) it has quoted in the picture "Nostalgia". The Pskov television has made two documentary films about the singer. In 2003 the Lenfilm studio has let out an art picture "Granny" for which the author of the scenario and director L.A.Bobrova has selected some records by Sergeevoj («At green at a garden пташечка has sung», «And I know that in ours to a loaf», etc.). O.F.Sergeeva has died on December, 8th, 2002 on 81st year of life.


CD1: "Year Round"
1. We Were Sowing Millet
2. I Will Sow My Sorrow in the Field
3. I'll Step Out the Gateway and See Moss And Swamp
4. Once There Came Yagoriy Wet Through
5. Eagle Is a Bird of God (Recorded on Kupala Field)
6. Once beyond the River...
7. Reap My Reapers, My Dear Reapers
8. Oh Grief, My Bad Grief
9. Axe, Mitten (To a "Tongue")
10. Oh My Dear Father, I Want to Be Married
11. A Young Cossack Is Walking by Don
12. Oh, an Old Man Decided to Get Married
13. Recall, Vanya, Dear Friend
14. There They Came in the Night
15. I Was Planting the Garden Myself
16. You Are a Gypsy Man, I'm a Gypsy Woman (To a "Tongue")
17. Oh, I Was Dancing "Gypsy Dance" (To an Accordion)
18. Three Maids Have Passed by
19. My Rascal Fell Ill and Wanted Some Kissel
20. My Dear Girl Friends, You Are Lucky, I Am Not
21. I Have Lost a Ring
22. I Would Eat a Dry Bread Crust
23. In Manchuria, China
24. Out from The Forest, Out From The Mountains
25. On Sunday an Old Mother
26. I Wish I Were a Flying Bird
27. Oh My Rowan Tree
28. My Friend Naumovich (Lamenting)
29. Oh Kumushki

CD2: "Circle of Life"
1. In a Green Garden a Bird Was Singing
2. I Won't Say Whom I Love
3. An Arrow-wood Blossomed Early by a Stream
4. There on a Hill Facing the Sun
5. A Duck Was Swimming in the Sea
6. A Duck Was Swimming in the Sea (At a Wedding)
7. God Our Supporter (Lamenting to a "Tongue")
8. Valyusha Feels No Pity
9. Parted, selling (To an Accordian)
10. Valyuska Was Married in Church
11. A Dove Was Flying
12. Rolling and Falling
13. Hello Dear Matchmakers
14. Who Is Good among Us?
15. By the Moon so Bright
16. Tell Us, Ivanushka
17. How to Live Then, What to Do
18. The Birch Grove
19. Oh, I Suffered and Will Suffer (To an Accordion)
20. On Monday Early in the Morning the Blue Sea Was Lumpy
21. А у нас новая новинá (We Have a New Thing
22. Man'ka Was Running in a Field
23. I'll Go Dancing) (To an Accordian)
24. My Girl Friends Have Young Husbands
25. Yura, Yura, Yuravey
26. In Moscow, in Moscow, in the Capital
27. Tell Me, Tell Me, When You Come Back
28. I'll Sit on a Stone
29. Ah, We Knew, Olya Loves Kolya (To An Accordian)

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