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Puck & Piper - 15 years in Dublin (2008)

Style: Folk rock, Celtic Music
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD

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Brand: Puck & Piper

Puck and Piper - the musical group created by Timur Rafiev in 1993, was the first Moscow band performing Celtic music. In different years, many well-known musicians of the Moscow folk scene participated in the group. Puck and Piper stood at the sources already familiar to today's listeners of Irish "pub" music in Russia. The repertoire of the band includes both famous Irish pub songs and instrumental dance tunes on the Irish bagpipe (uillean pipe) - jigs and reel.

Composition of musicians:
Timur Rafiev - vocal, Irish bagpipes (uilleann pipe), Irish flutes (tin-wistles);
Konstantin Zholobev - guitar, mandolin, banjo, accordion;
Vyacheslav Derenchuk - violin, mandolin, guitar;
Yuri Sergeev - bass guitar, percussion (bohran);
Mikhail Mamochkin - drums

01. Bank of Ireland (reel) - Puck and Piper
02. Jolly Beggar - Puck and Piper
03. Piper on the Hob (jig) - Puck and Piper
04. Smith of Bristol - Puck and Piper
05. Gravel walk (reel) - Puck and Piper
06. Jolly Beggarman / The fine lady - Puck and Piper
07. Slip-jig - Puck and Piper
08. Thousands are sailing - Puck and Piper
09. Mountain dew - Puck and Piper
10. Dirty old town - Puck and Piper
11. I`ll tell me ma - Puck and Piper
12. Cunla - Puck and Piper


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