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Home » Style » Celtic Music » - Skylark ‎– A roving I will go (celtic) (2005)

- Skylark ‎– A roving I will go (celtic) (2005)

Style: Celtic Music
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Kailas Records
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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Skylark are a Russian group (I think, the booklet is all in Russian) who play Scottish inspired folk music. They consist of 5 members (even includes bagpipes!) and they play pretty authentic sounding Scottish-Irish style folk music. Most of the music is instrumental and includes stand up bass, acoustic guitar, flutes, accordion and various drums. From what I can tell it is all covers of old songs. The CD has several medleys of tracks and a number of jigs…
Reviewed by Scott Heller

1. Reels: Toss the feathers (4:32)
2. Yarmouth Fair (2:50)
3. Medley: Hewlett (4:46)     
4. Mazurkas: Shoe the donkey (6:07)
5. Reel: King of fairies (5:20)
6. Le Petite Gregoire (3:50)
7. Medley: Farewell to friends (6:00)
8. Jigs: Unknown jig (3:17)
9. Air: Northern Beauty (5:34)
10. La Basse-Bretonne (3:23)
11. Jigs: Dooney Rock (3:29)
12. Pipe`s tunes (4:19)     
13. The leather bottel (2:58)     
14. Hornpipes: Harvest home (4:24)
15. A roving I will go (3:21)

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