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Home » Style » medieval » Celtic Music » Classic » Instrumental » Schellen - The medieval music ensemble Schellen - Music of the XIII century (2015)

Schellen - The medieval music ensemble Schellen - Music of the XIII century (2015)

Style: medieval, Celtic Music, Classic, Instrumental
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 6-р booklet

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Brand: Schellen

XIII works of medieval authors of the XIII century — perhaps the most romantic and poetic era in the history of Western Europe. Originated at the end of the last century, the cult of the Lady in the 13th century extensively flourishes. Minnesingers and troubadours sing of exalted feelings for his unattainable beloved.
13th century went down in history primarily as the era of the Crusades, it is the time jousting tournaments obtained bright performance format , followed by a solemn ceremonial.
The album contains works from well-known codexes: Carmina Burana (collection of vagants poetry), Cantigas de Santa Maria ("Songs to the Virgin Mary"), Cantigas de Amigo ("Songs about a friend"), Estampies (oldest notated instrumental music from the Royal Book dance).

Founded in Moscow in 2009, the ensemble is constantly evolving, gaining new members and new musical instruments, and in the five years of its existence, has developed own style, particularly recognizable sound in the material. Minimalist arrangements are an example of fine academic performance, while remaining alive, moving, breathing. Played freely compositions match the style dictated by age. Schellen are permanent members of many festivals of military-historical reenactment, in which they get used to the role of medieval musicians and imbued with the spirit of the time.

Played by:
Denis Kornev - bouzouki, al-oud, recorders, harp
Marina Savchenko - vocals
Yuri Posipanov - drums, percussion
Simon Balan - recorders
Sophia Kostina - rebec, fidel

1. Kalenda Maya
2. La Tierce Estampie Real
3. La Quinte Estampie Real
4. Santa Maria, Strela Do Dia
5. Santa Maria Loei
6. Sic Mea Fata
7. Totus Floreo
8. Unter Der Linden
9. Palastinalied
10. Loibere Risen
11. Ecce Mundi Gaudium
12. En Mai Au Douz Tens Nouvel (Live studio)
13. Eno Sagrado En Vigo (Live studio)

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