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Otava Yo - Otava Yo - Christmas (2011)

Style: world music , slavic, Russian Folk songs
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Author's published
Source: CD
Edition type: 8p digipack

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Brand: Отава Ё

Album of Russian Christmas songs is the third album of the folk group Otava Y. The album presents only Russian versions of famous Christmas songs. In 2011, the folk group Otava ё and the theater “The Wandering Dolls of Mr. Pezho” created a joint theatrical and musical project, which resulted in the production of Christmas history. The performance included Russian folk songs that were traditionally sung in our country at Christmas.

All music is performed live using a large number of folk instruments - gusli, zaleyki, violin, medieval five-stringed fidel, kantele, nickelharp, all sorts of percussion. At the same time, the group decided to make the album "Christmas" with the same name. The recording of the album continued from March to November 2011 at the St. Petersburg Watchmaker's Studio, mixed at the GEM studio in Riga by sound engineer Gatis Gauyanieks and mastering at the Hamburg Master and Servant studio by Tom Mayer.

1. How in Jerusalem they rang early
2. Today Christ was born
3. Christ the Savior
4. Dawn in the sky
5. Happy Christmas Day
6. Heaven and Earth
7. Born kolyada
8. Sing Christians
9. This night is holy
10. Triumph Have Fun

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