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Home » Style » Ethno jazz » world music » Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamara Brass Band «Ja Volim Bubamaru!» (2014)

Bubamara Brass Band - Bubamara Brass Band «Ja Volim Bubamaru!» (2014)

Style: Ethno jazz, world music
Region: East Europe / Balkans
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack

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Оркестр балканской музыки "Бубамара" выпустил новый альбом "Земля Бубарумия". Это 12 заводных и энергичных композиций как инструментальных так и спетых на сербском языке.

"I think this album of all previous most interesting and tear. Work on it very carefully and long, picking up a note to the note in every solo and every stroke by asking the dynamics and "breath" songs. 
We remembered the old hits, as "Vasya, pour rakia!" and "Jasna Dance" and performed them in new arrangements! Song about Vasya now sounds with vocals! Now on the album we sing two girls. Nastyona (the name of the second vocalist) and peerless Natasha sing something like Serbian rap! 
And redesigned one of our old song "Song from the sky", she now has a new name and new words. 
The album includes a song dedicated to the Marc Chagall, inspired by the movie "Chagall, Malevich". In this regard, and the cover is framed painting by Marc Chagall. As we see it - the boy loves a girl sitting on the horse, the horse chews violin, violinist and drank away and leaned ... 
More would like to mention the song "Darbukinya" in which all the percussion recorded by our friend Artem Uzunov. I think this song is a perfect gift for all tribal dancers, belly dancing and oriental dance. We connected the drums, percussion and horns - turned out very colorful! 
So listen and enjoy! "

Nataliya Zherenkova - vocal (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11), violin 
Nastёna Bad’ina - vocal (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11) 
Aleksandar Kashtanov - a.sax, flute solo (8, 9), whistle (10), tambourine, 
scat (6), drums & bass prog. (6) 
Oleg Grymov - s.sax solo (4, 5, 7) 
Konstantin Safyanov - s.sax solo (3, 11) 
Artem Koryapin - trumpet (solo 2) 
Vatslav Brazhichek - trumpet (solo 1, 7, 10) 
Roman Zharskiy - tenor-horn 
Sergey Serov - trumpet 
Ramil Mulikov - trombone (solo 1, 2, 3, 9) 
Arhip Samsonov - baritone-horn 
Dmitriy Karev - accordion (solo 4, 10) 
Andrey Timofeev - helicon, tuba (6) 
Iliya Lipatov - snare drum & percussion (ex. 6, 8), (solo 4) 
Alexandr Vtorov - bass drum & percussion (ex. 6, 8), (solo 4) 
Artem Uzunov - (8) darbuka, dohola, bendir, riq, zills, claps


1 Ja Volim Bubamaru! v.1.0

2 Ramo Ramo Druze Moj

3 Neispevana Uspavanka

4 Mahalageasca

5 Kupicu ti Dance Svileno Maramce

6 Jasna Dance v.2.0

7 Vasja Prelijte Rakijom! v.2.0

8 Darbukinja

9 Nastjonuska-Nastjonka

10 Ljiljana

11 Sagal Leteo

12 Ja Volim Bubamaru! v.2.0

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