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Home » Style » medieval » Avis Dei - Stew Royal (2009)

Avis Dei - Stew Royal (2009)

Style: medieval
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet

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Brand: Avis Dei

Dreamy and atmospheric medieval tunes that sounds like a soundtrack to an ancient fairy tale.

Avis Dei is in an early music ensemble from Moscow playing music inspired by the medieval era. The musicians are trying to recreate the original sound of ancient tunes. Their basic repertoire is music transcribed from XIII-XIV centuries manuscripts. From the Spanish religious kantigas to the court and folk dances of France, Germany and Italy.

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1. Ohne Fels (Tielman Susato, c.1500-c.1561) - Avis Dei
2. Greek Dance (trad. Greek) - Avis Dei
3. En tamanna (Cantigas de Santa Maria №131) - Avis Dei
4. Pavana (Ital., XV) - Avis Dei
5. Shone Wulka (Anon., XV) - Avis Dei
6. Stella Splendens (Anon., Libre Vermell, 1399) - Avis Dei
7. Chansonet Tedeska(Anon.,  SpainXIV) - Avis Dei
8. Fas et Nefas (Carmina Burana - The Benediktbeuren Manuscript c1300) - Avis Dei
9. The old organ-grinder (Anon., XIII) - Avis Dei
10. Debka (Trad. Macedonian) - Avis Dei
11. Panopticum (Anon., XV) - Avis Dei
12. Andalusia capricho - Avis Dei
13. Eyes - Avis Dei
14. Palestinalied (Walter von der Vogelveide 1170-1230) - Avis Dei
15. Lamento de Tristano (Ital., XIV) - Avis Dei
16. Bransle (Tielman Susato, c.1500-c.1561) - Avis Dei


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