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Phurpa - Shibalba & Phurpa – Teachings Of Eastern Traditions

Стиль: Горловое пение, Ambient, Dark folk
Регион: Восток / Азия / Индия / Китай / Япония
Лейбл: Cold Spring
Носитель: Винил (LP)

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The Woven threads of the Lunar Goddesses manifold thrice around the Solar Temples of Samadhi. The Lodge of Shibalba and the Circle of Phurpa have stepped beyond the Crimson shores of Malkuth to Unite the Mysteries of Vama Marga with the unique tradition of Bon. Clad in diversity and forged in detachment from the poison of matter, a Lotus is born within the mud, with an Saturnian Ascendant. A totality of reverberations, folding and dissolving the aural trance beyond the audible and the visible, an astral key to reach the spheres of the Ancient Gnosis and dream of the Divine Fields, where the Adept is destined to Be United once more with the Higher Gods.With the Knife of Perception, we cut through the Ego. We cut off the skin in order to see reality taking shape. Ultimate insight cut into Emptiness, as we drink from a skull the Nectars of Wisdom.

1. Shibalba: Mantra Of The Serpentine Fire (5:52)
2. Shibalba: Raising Kundali (5:42)
3. Shibalba: Queen Of Bliss (Troma Nagmo) (5:44)
4. Phurpa: Yan-Drub, Long Life, Yu-Ye (20:02)

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