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Phurpa - Mantras Of Bön (feat. Alissa Nicolai) (первое издание, 2015)

Стили этнической музыки: Горловое пение, Psychedelic, Dark folk
Регион: Восток / Азия / Индия / Китай / Япония
Лейбл: Zoharum
Носитель: CD

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Автор: Phurpa

Zoharum would like to present the latest album by the band entitled "Mantras of Bon." It is an extraordinary release, even for such an extraordinary and unusual project as PHURPA. More than 70 minutes of music here is divided into two parts. The first one, featuring Alissa Nicolai on vocals, shows the band from a completely different angle; the other one presents the most important and interesting sessions recorded over the past few years, with a recording from CTM festival where they impressed the audience with "kuntunzangpo."
"Mantras of Bon" is an excellent introduction into the adventures with PHURPA, the world of Tibetan music filtered by contemporary reinterpretation free from rigid rules. It may enchant both those looking for interesting sacral music and the ones searching for a new form of sonic statement.

released June 7, 2014

Design – Maciej Mehring
Featuring – Alissa Nicolai (tracks: 1, 2)
Mastered By – Łukasz Miernik
Photography By – Phurpa

3-panel ecopak release is strictly limited to 500 copies

Part I Phurpa Feat. Alissa Nicolai
1     Live In St. Petersburg     8:26
2     Live In Moscow     15:05
Part II Phurpa Bön Ceremonies
3     Mu-Ye - Live At CTM Berlin     20:40
4     Kuntunzangpo     15:00
5     Mi Dud     18:37

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