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Vladimir Martynov - Vladimir Martynov - Games Of Angels And Human Beings (2016)

Label: Long Arms
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 12-р booklet

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"Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth, good will in men!" Such was the exultant singing of the countless heavenly host who appeared to the shepherds of Bethlehem, the first to whom the angel of the Lord announced that' in the city of David was born the Savior, who is Christ the Lord ' (Luke 2. 8-14). Throughout human history, as in that key moment, the invisible world of Angels coexists with the world of people, communicating with it and helping it. About these two worlds, each of which is God's creation, reflects in his mystery "Games of Angels and people" famous modern Russian composer Vladimir Martynov.

Being a man of multi-faceted creative gift, Martynov has earned a reputation not only as a talented composer, famous in different directions of musical culture (from rock music to Orthodox Church chants), but also as a deep connoisseur of traditional liturgical singing of the East and West, which is dedicated to a number of his theoretical works and from which he constantly draws inspiration in his own works. However, as a composer Martynov is far from a simple return to the ancient examples of musical art, but on the contrary, is constantly looking for new opportunities. Moreover, he seeks to overcome the established in academic music the usual forms of its perception and encourage the listener to participate more actively in the action, which should be a performance of a musical work. No wonder some writings Martynova designed not for the concert hall, but on very different space. Thus, the Grand mystery "Games of Angels and men", written for the festival "Trialogus", which took place in Tallinn in 2000, was intended for performance in the colossal volume of the Lutheran Church building and on the square in front of it.

The verbal basis of this mystery is the Latin prayer and liturgical texts of the Roman liturgical tradition, in particular, from the mass on the feast of St. Michael the Archangel. In her music we hear the echoes of Znamenny chant and Gregorian chant, Flemish polyphony of the XV century, and of folklore of the peoples of Eastern Europe. It requires a large and complex cast of performers: five choirs and a string ensemble.

"Choral Academy of boys" - choirmaster Victoria Smirnova
Chorus of the theatre "school of dramatic art" - chorus master Svetlana Anistratova
Chamber choir of the College of music - Director and conductor Peter Savinkov
Andrey Kotov-choir coordinator
Tatiana Grindenko-violin
Opus Posth Ensemble
Artistic Director-Tatiana Grindenko

1. Antiphon - Facta Est Cum Angelo Multitude #1
2. Kyrie
3. Antiphon - Facta Est Cum Angelo Multitude #2
4. Christe Andi Noc
5. Sancta Maria
6. Omnes Sancti Angeli E Archangeli
7. Agnus Dei

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