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Home » Style » Rock » Olga Arefieva - Olga Arefieva & Kovcheg – IYAO (2018) feat. Tony Levin

Olga Arefieva - Olga Arefieva & Kovcheg – IYAO (2018) feat. Tony Levin

Style: Rock
Label: Отделение Выход
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack + booklet

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A new album by Olga Arefieva "IYO" was released. This is the seventeenth! studio album of the Olga Arefieva and "Kovcheg", and if you count all releases released (according to the section "Discography" on the band's official website), then in general the thirtieth!
Throughout the album, a solid theme is the theme of the road and travel. Rock-n-roll action movies are replaced by blunt blues in the western style of the 1960s, and new songs alternate with already popular hits (Do not rock, Do something). The powerful rhythm section rejoices, especially since the last tracks on the bass were made by Tony Levin from the famous King Crimson.

Olga Arefieva - music, lyrics, vocals, ideas
Anatoly Zhemir - sound, sound engineering, mixing, mastering
Sergey Indyukov - guitar
Sergey Suvorov - bass guitar (1-10)
Peter Akimov - keyboards, cello
Andrey Charupa - percussions
Tony Levin - bass guitar (11,12, 13)


1. Chu Station
2. Gnus
3. Master of Death
4. Do not rock
5. The Wanderer
6. Animals
7. Mom, I'm not sick
8. Iyao
9. Bottom Station
10. By a stretched string
11. Do something
12. Moths
13. Silence
tt: 57.40

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