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Home » Style » Rock » Folk rock » world music » - Skalar – Miracle Cure (2016) EP

- Skalar – Miracle Cure (2016) EP

Style: Rock, Folk rock, world music
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Lollipop Shop
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack

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Unconditional love for the song – this unites the three of SKALAR. Writing songs, arranging them together and making them shine: this simple yet traditionally handed down idea is what SKALAR’s members are excited about and driven by.
The three of them met within a tiny but nevertheless lovingly cared for subcultural music scene in non-glamourous Oberhausen. The longtime activities there were concisely described by English singing poet Stephen Burch alias “The Great Park” (who can also be seen in Oberhausen every once in a while) by stating: “They are making their own fun.”
The many years of vivid musical experience and exchange gives SKALAR an expression that can be located somewhere between Jefferson Airplane, Carole King, Fairport Convention and something you might call good pop music.

"... this more universal slightly European vibe merging with Americana is what really works here. That, and the fact that they write fine songs with lovely vocals and varied sonic arrangements. The future looks bright based on this ..."
David Hintz, FolkWorld (Nov 2016)

"Opening track 'Unmystified Woman' is melodic and powerful, its blend of folk and pop lifted by the vocals of Anne Smidt that soar above the music beautifully. On 'Best Intentions' a lonely trumpet adds plenty of emotion to a gorgeous song, whilst the title track is simply lovely, a gentle and sparse tune that sways softly on a moon-lit beach."
Terrascope Online, Rumbles (Mar 2017)

Skalar is:
Anne Smidt –  lead vocals, harmony vocals, guitar, electric piano, glockenspiel
Sebastian Birk – bass, lead vocals, harmony vocals
Groucho Kangaroo – drums, percussion, cookies box

Jürgen Dahmen – organ (1, 4)
Niko (58) – trumpet (2, 3)
Bind Joe Black –  banjo (4), electric guitar (3, 4, 5)
Jürgen Dahmen – electric piano (5)
Bind Joe Black – electric guitar (6)
Bernhard Rupprecht – creaking floor (6)

Producer – Bernhard Rupprecht, Skalar (4)
Written By – Anne Smidt (tracks: 1, 3, 4, 6), Sebastian Birk (tracks: 2, 5)


1. Unmystified Woman
2. Best Intentions
3. Miracle Cure
4. Paper Home
5. Steam Chamber
6. Monkey Circle

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