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Home » Style » world music » Ambient » Va-Ta-Ga - Leonov-Sokolov-Derevlev «Live in Piter» (2005)

Va-Ta-Ga - Leonov-Sokolov-Derevlev «Live in Piter» (2005)

Style: world music , Ambient
Region: Karelia / Finland / Russian Nord / Nordic
Label: Sketis Music
Source: Only digital

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Ethno-atr-jazz project of member of Va-Ta-Ga band from Karelia (Russian-Finish border area), recorder during live session in St.Peterburg. This record sounds like experimental ethnic ambient, which musicians played “live”, using the rich variety of handmade folk instruments (like Karelian “youhikko” violin and musical saw) & different styles of traditional singing, combining with modern electronic & sound effects. Music of “L.S.D. Project” express the original spirit of Russian North-side. The beat of waves of White Sea, hurling of seagulls, a songs of a lone pilgrim – all this merge into one musical space, which takes listeners far away from their casual world.


Alexander Leonov - vocals, saws, saarvi, meunkere (village clarinet), yoohiko, loop station;
Arkady Sokolov - percussion, darbuk, udu, oushen drum, electric calimba, programing, vocal (2);
Alexey Derelev - guitar, didgeridoo, segoodek, digital effects

1. Hey, You Falcons
2. In the River, In the Stream    
3. Along The Sea


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