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Home » Style » ethno-electronica » slavic » Russian Folk songs » Ivan Kupala - Ivan Kupala - Zdorovo, Kostroma (remix) (2000)

Ivan Kupala - Ivan Kupala - Zdorovo, Kostroma (remix) (2000)

Style: ethno-electronica , slavic, Russian Folk songs

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A collection of remixes and remakes
Year: 2000
Edition: Jewel case, an 8-page booklet

1. Intro
2. Kostroma (trance play remix) Dmitry Postovalov
3. Eyebrows (fiesta mix) Tito
4. Kolyada (club house mix) Izyum
5. Gal (underwater mix) S.Operator
6. Band (Fast Streep mix) Ozone
7. Youth (dead mix) Deadushki
8. Grape (new version mix) Walkie Talkies
9. Vorotechki (Ambient mix) New Composers
10. Kostroma (disco "accident" remix) Disco Crash
11. Kolyada (break b. Mix) DJ Groove
12. Vorotechki (ellenium mix) Unshaven
13. Grapes (Via mix) Leprikonsy
14. Galya (deep analog mix) Igor Vdovin
15. Megamix (hypno-trance taxi mix) Alexei Fedorovich Cherry
16. We are all songs sung (mosquito mix) S.P.O.R.T.
17. Kolyada - Haitura (live) Zdob şi Zdub

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