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- The Illusion Of Silence TIOS ‎– Black Rainbow (2016)

Style: Ambient, Dark folk
Region: Western and Central Europe / Celts
Label: Sulphur Flowers
Source: CD
Edition type: cardboard sleeve 4p

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Hailing from Italy, the man behind the project, Luca Bonandini, is known for his devotion to Russia: he was noticed in numerous collaborations with several locally distinguished Russian dark folk artists like Jhonnie from Kratong and Alexey Popov from Sunset Wings, and they have surely paid back by contributing to the Black Rainbow.
With his debut work Luca brings us the gift of his beautiful music that is bound to stun all the admirers of traditional first-wave dark folk music. Sounding in the best possible way that a hypothetical mix of Current 93 and Ataraxia would happen to be, the songs of TIoS are a bottomless sea of sorrowful yet warm and somehow comforting melancholy. This is a tale of beauty and sadness, of everything that is doomed to die and to be born again. This is the image of barren trees in winter covered by peaceful snow.

Accordion – Miroslav Lelyukh
    Cello – Anna Ivanova
    Guitar, Sounds – Alexey Popov
    Piano, Keyboards, Percussion, Voice, Sounds – Luca Bonandini
    Sounds – Jhonny
    Viola – Larion Dyakov
    Violin – Anna Ermolayeva, Olga Glibka
    Voice, Harmonica – Tatiana Korotkova

01. Winter Light
02. Implosion
03. Winter Solstice
04. A Dream Lost Forever
05. Black Rainbow
06. The Torn
07. The Old Seaman
08. Butterflies
09. I Burnt My Bad Thoughts
10. Blooming
11. While You Were Away
12. Through the Ghostland
13. Spell of Winter
14. Joy
15. Elysium

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