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Early Music Ensemble Drolls - Drolls ‎– Decimus (2010)

Style: medieval, Celtic Music

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Our audience knows us in varying images: medieval goliards, court minstrels, actors of street theatres, Russian skomorokhs and even Saami shamans.
The Repertoire of Drolls contains about two hundreds piece of music. Most of them is included in the discography. However in spite of a long and successful concert life, over last ten years new unrecorded compositions have been accumulated! Some of the compositions were released earlier but they have grown up and now sound differently.
These particular ‘veterans’ of the concert life are included in our anniversary album. Decimus means ‘ten’. The tenth album, ten years…
In October 1999 the first concert of the ensemble of early music ‘Drolls’. Since that time our history has begun and still goes on. For ten years of our life hundreds of concerts were played, thousands of touring kilometers were passed. In total we recorded and released ten albums and one DVD.


01. Chansonetta Tedescha (Codex Lo. Italy. XIV) (04:40)
02. Licet Eger (Codex Buranus XIII. C.B. 8) (01:52)
03. Estampie (Engl. anonim XIII) (01:59)
04. Chramer (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 16) (02:42)
05. Clauso Cronos (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 73) (03:01)
06. Belicha (Codex Lo. Italy. XIV) (02:23)
07. Ecco La Prima Vera (Landini 1325? - 1397) (03:52)
08. Tempus Transit (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 153) (03:42)
09. Exiit Diluculo (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 90) (03:03)
10. Saltarello-Trotto (Codex Lo. Italy. XIV) (03:44)
11. Bache, Bene Venies (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 200) (03:42)
12. Saltarello (Codex Lo. Italy. XIV) (02:52)
13. O Fortuna (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 17) (03:25)
14. Ghaetta (Codex Lo. Italy. XIV) (03:59)
15. Flos Florum (Czech. anonim XIV) (03:21)
16. Totus Floreo (Codex Buranus XIII C.B. 179) (03:51)
17. Nikriz Persev (05:24)

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