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- Chuvash fairy tales (audiobook, 2CD) (2010)

Style: Folklor (traditional)
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack

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Fairy tales are different: epic-heroic, home, magic, comic ... Together, they recreate the unique world of Chuvash folk culture, home to sun and wind, foxes and bears, sly old and rustic old woman, a strong character Sieur Bator and kind wonderful magical creature Sharapchik ... With them warm and cozy. Wishing you never forget the good and ancient custom - to tell and listening to fairy tale.

CD 1
Dodgy dancer (M. Efremov) - 4:28
Children of the wind (A. Pokrovskaya) - 10:28
Sharapchik (M. Efremov) - 29:24
As a peasant's son worked for the Sun (A. Pokrovskaya) - 18:17

CD 2
The moon in the well (M. Efremov) - 2:05
Pazhalu (A. Pokrovskaya) - 6:25
Pie rope (M. Efremov) - 5:56
Sierre-Bator (M. Efremov) - 53:24

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