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Baraka - Pamir "Aryan memory" remix (2010)

Style: Ethno jazz, world music
Region: Central Asia / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / Pamir
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: 4p digipack

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Brand: Baraka

From the peaks of Pamir Mountains to the depths of city jungle - lounge side of Arian ancestry.

Pamir "Aryan memory" remix is a album of electronic reconstructions of traditional music from Pamir (collected during an ethnographic expedition to the mountainous areas of Tajikistan in search of traces of the Aryan homeland) made by world fusion band Baraka from Riga with the participation of young opera star Devika. The main theme of this album is an attempt to close ancient culture legacy to the modern mind by using the language of contemporary music. Groovy lounge, easy listening & dub tunes echoes with timeless chants of Pamir which open a window into the mysterious world of the ancient Aryans.

1. Flight of Duldul
2. Two stone bowls
3. A luminous stone
4. A mouth of a mad stream
5. Brilliant rocks - dripping water
6. Tears of mountains
7. Red pass
8. The lock of "the sweet maiden"
9. A mouth of a mad stream (reprise)
10. Pamir - my love
11. Pamir - my life
12. Parvinamo - remix

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