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Baraka - Zarathushtra Mantras, 2017

Style: Ethno jazz, lounge, Dub
Region: Central Asia / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / Pamir
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 12-р booklet

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Brand: Baraka

  The Baraka from Latvia presents a new unique project of the Mantra of Zarathustra. Mystical prayers in the Avestan language harmoniously intertwine with ethnic, jazz and lounge music, in which modern electronic rhythms follow along with eastern percussion, and the velvety bass clarinet perfectly complements the deep stik-bass reefs.
  The cultural bridge between East and West, which Baraka building for many years, has turned into a huge laboratory where the synthesis of musical ideas takes place, and where the most unexpected solutions are realized. Mantras of Zoroastrianism are the oldest prayers for the protection of the higher powers of all mankind. Now these formulas can be heard in a completely new and unexpected sound.
  The work on the album was attended by musicians from Baltic ethno-jazz group Baraka led by Dima and Devika Evsikovs, Zarina Tajibayeva from Tajikistan, Iranian Iran Riahi, as well as directly the bearer of tradition, the priest of the Zoroastrian community of Europe Mowed Kamran Jamshidi. Inside the booklet you can find a message to listeners, explaining the role of the mantra in the life of the Zoroastrian.

The Manthra
Much of the Zoroastrian / Zarathushtrian scriptures are composed in verse and in the form of a manthra / mantra / mathra.
Manthras are insightful thoughts, thought-provokers; thoughts for reflection, contemplation and meditation, personal spiritual growth, introspection and commitment to the principles of the ”Good religion”, i.e.
Good thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds

Humbly we Pray
Mazda, Wise God, with a bow and uplifted arms, we pray. First, we ask for support through progressive mentality. Then we pray that we may perform all our actions, based as they are on the wisdom of good mind, precisely according to the laws of righteousness so that we please the soul of the Living World.
Wise God, we approach You through good mind. Grant us through righteousness the blessings of both existences, the material and the mental, so that we lead ourselves and our companions to happiness.

Mazda bless you all

Mobed Kamran Jamshidi

Devika Evsikova – mantra (avesta language)(1,3,5,7,10), fretless bass (1,3,6), Chapman Stick (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10), bass guitar (2,4,10)
Denis Pashkevisch – bass clarinet (1,4,10), tenor sax (2,3)
Artur Kutepov – guitar solo (1,2,3,4,6,7,10)
Janis Amantov – trumpet (2,6,10)
Viktor Ritov – piano (1), rhodes piano (1,3,4,7)
Madars Kalnins - rhodes piano (2,5,6)
Artem Sarvi - rhodes piano (8,9,10), synth solo (9)
Egor Kovaikov - indian sitar (2,5,7), guitar solo (5,9)
Raivo Stasans - alto sax (5,6,7)
Zigmund Zukovsky – bass (8)
Dmitry Evsikov – arrangement, mridangam (1,7), congo (2,3,4,6,7,8), bongo (2,3,4,6), ceramic bongo (2,7), daff (2,3) , ghatam (3,10), indian tabla (5,9), dumbek (8)
Iran Riahi - mantra (persian language) (4,6,8,9)
Zarina Tajibaeva - mantra (tajik language) (2,4,9)
Mobed Kamran Jamshidi - mantra (avesta language) (2,4,6,8,9)

On the site of our store, you can buy album Baraka - Mantras of Zarathushtra, as well as other albums of the label Sketis Music with ethnic music and world music of Russia, as well as free to listen and find links to legally download this and over albums.

01. Ashem Vohu - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
02. Aem Moi idâ / Ye vâxshayâns - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
03. Jasa me avange Mazdao - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
04. Humata - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
05. Beresad - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
06. At tâ Mainyu - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
07. Ahunwar - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
08. Kadâ Mazdâ - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017
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10. Kem Na Mazda - Zarathushtra Mantras 2017

01. Ashem Vohu 8.41
Righteousness is the best good and it is happiness.
Happiness is to him who is righteous for the sake of the best righteousness.

02. Aem Moi idв / Ye vвxshayвns 6.21
Aem Moi idв
There is only one person who has listened to our teachings. He is Zarathushtra
Spitama. Wise One, he is prepared to proclaim the message through his Songs
for the sake of Righteousness. Grant him sweetness of speech.

Ye vвxshayвns
If an understanding man should be able to hold one who comes over from his
vow and his ties of faith, himself having brought him thereto, and living
according to the ordinance, a righteous man (converting) a Liar - then shall he,
when he is sure of him, tell it to the nobles, that they may protect him from
injury, O Mazda Ahura.

03. Jasa me avange Mazdao 9.52
Do Thou come to my help.   
O Creator Hormazd! The words occur in Hormazd Yasht, I am a Mazdг-worshipper; I profess myself (to be) a Mazdã-worshipping  follower of Zarathushtra, a devotee and an ardent-believer  (in this Mazdã-worshipping Faith).
I praise the true-conceived thought, I praise the true-spoken word, I praise the well-done  deed. I praise the excellent religion of Mazdг-worship, (which is) quarrel-removing, weapon-lowering, self-dedicating (and) holy,
which of those that are and of those shall be (hereafter) (is) the greatest, and the best and the most excellent,  
which is the religion of Ahura revealed-by-Zarathushtra.
I acknowledge all good (things) (which are) from Hormazd.  
Such is the praise of the religion of Mazda-worship.

04. Humata 6.29
Now, the two foremost mentalities, known to be imaginary twins, are the better and the bad in thoughts, words, and deeds. Of these the beneficent choose correctly, but not so the maleficent.

05. Beresad 8.34
Oh, let the Creator Ormuzd come, accept and hear! Oh, let it be in the approval of God! Let the help of hallows come.
To the satisfaction of the Spirit of the Creator Orrmuzd
Brilliant, Pure.
To the satisfaction of Ormazd's spirit with all Thirty gahs.
To the satisfaction of the spirit of Wachmann, the moon and Frame.
In satisfaction of the spirit of Ardibehekta High, fire, Sorusha and Varahram.
In the satisfaction of the spirit of Shahrivar, the sun, Mehra, the sky, the infinite radiance of God's Throne.
In satisfaction of the spirit of the Szendendramazd, waters, Faith, rewards and Holy MantrasIn the satisfaction of the spirit of Hordad, Tishtar, Wind and Fravashi.
In the satisfaction of the spirit of Amodad, Rasna, Justice and land.
To the satisfaction of the spirit of the Hawan gah, Rapitven, Uzirena, airspace, Ushakhin.
In the spirit of Gat Ahunvada, Oshtavada, Espuntamada, Vokuhshatra, Vahishtoisha.
In satisfaction of the spirit of Huma-izada, Borza-Isad, Neriosanga-isada, the skillful good Blessing-isade.
In the satisfaction of the spirit of gahanbar Maeed-Zarem, maidyo-shem, pati-shah, ayasarem,Maidyarim, hamaspat-maidi.

Let it come, let it be in the approval of the Creator Ormazd! Let it be according to His will! Let it be So! May it be therefore!

06. At tâ Mainyu 6.30
Now the two primal Spirits, who reveal themselves in vision as Twins, are the
Better and the Bad, in thought and word and action. And between these two
the wise ones chose aright, the foolish not so.

07. Ahunwar 5.36
Just  as is the will of the lord God so too is that of the spiritual leader owing to his  righteousness .
The gifts of good mind are for those who work in this world and wield in accord with the will of Ahura Mazda. The kingdom of Ahura's heaven is for him , who rendereth  succour  nourisher to the poor.

08. Kadâ Mazdâ 6.20
When, Mazda, shall the sunrisings come forth for the worlds winning of Right,
through the powerful teachings of the wisdom of the future Deliverers
(Soshyâns)? Who are they to whose help Good Thought shall come? I have faith
that thou wilt thyself fulfill this for me, O Ahura.

09. Yastâ manta 4.37
About which he in the beginning thus thought, "let the blessed realms be filled
with Light", he it is that by his wisdom created Right. (Those realms) that the
Best Thought shall possess those dost Thou exalt, O Mazda, through the Spirit,
which, O Ahura, is ever the same.

10. Kem Na Mazda 8.24
What man O Mazda (who other than  Thee ) shall grant protection unto me and unto my followers?
When, at me, any wicked man glares for  taking revenge (or for injuring me)?

Who can it be other  than thy Fire and thy Good-Mind?

Through the action  of these two, O Hormazd! Righteousness increases.

Do Thou declare that knowledge of the religion to me (O Hormazd!). (that I may spread their faith)
Who (shall be) the smiter of the foe by the help of Thy (Avestan) words which (by reciting at the time of calamity) are protecting?

Do Thou reveal clearly unto me a wise leader (soul-haling) for both the worlds (O Hormazd).
Let Sraosha (Yazata) approach with Good Mind (or through Vohu Manah) to any one whom Thou doest love.
Protect us from the envious ones.
O Hormazd and Spenta Гrmaiti!
Perish thou, O devilish Druj,
perish thou, O devil's spawn;
perish thou, O (evil) sown by the daevas,
perish thou, O follower of devil's law;
perish O Druj,
disappear utterly, vanish and entirely perish, in the North, O Druj.
(so that) corporeal settlements of righteousness (may) not (be) fit to be destroyed.
Homage (be) unto right thought and prosperity!

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