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Sonora Sunrise - Sonora Sunrise ‎– The Rroute Through the Canyon (Trail Records, 2019)

Style: Art-rock, world music , Psychedelic
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Trial Records
Source: CD
Edition type: 8p digipack

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Sonora Sunrise is a Russian band from Altai. Altai is a sacred land of ancient mountains that are still keeping secrets and old shamanic rites. The culture and wild nature of this land inspires the musicians. Sonora Sunrise music is transparent and light, like the wind blowing from the mountains. Sometimes it is merciless, like a storm in the desert.
The album contains 9 tracks in various styles: psychedelic rock, krautrock, space rock, stoner rock and ambient. The band has managed to develop its own authentic and recognizable sound. When recording the album, the musicians used rare analogue synthesizers of the Soviet era. From the first seconds, this music immerses the listeners into a unique atmosphere, a world created by the musicians.
All tracks on the album were recorded in just two days with all the members participating as during rehearsals. Later the musicians added some more guitar, synthesizers, and the vocals. This is why the recording sounds live--a large part of it are improvisation and the flight of imagination.
Turn on this record, relax in a comfortable armchair, and start your mystic trip through a canyon, to a place at the edge of the desert where a sunrise will meet you.

Alexey Shulepov – bass guitar
Vitaliy Khard – drums
Artem Demidov – guitar, sounds
Dmitry Shershnev – keyboards, guitar

1. Ancient Stones (Sundown) 2:20
2. Welcome To The Sandland 11:04
3. Unexpected Trip 7:24
4. Poison 7:25
5. Ancient Stones (Uprise Of Jupiter) 0:55
6. Canyon 7:00
7. Millions Of Snakes 7:17
8. Roadside Picnic 4:04
9. Ancient Stones (Planetary Standoff) 2:45

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