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Sattuma - Kinofilm (2010)

Style: world music
Region: Karelia / Finland / Russian Nord / Nordic
Label: Sketis Music
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack + booklet

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Brand: Sattuma

The modern folk music from Karelia is nicely performed by Sattuma. A family quartet comprised of violin, bass, drums, bagpipes, clarinet, yoik chants, sax, flutes, accordion, mandolin, kantele, and bouzouki is sure to mesmerize all who listen. Songs are mostly written by the band. The mostly male vocals and female backing vocals are very refreshing and engaging. The folk melodies are akin to any modern band coming out of Scandinavia, the Balkans, or Western Russia. The songs are surprisingly cheery and easy to sing along to. "Kinofilmi" is the soundtrack for the film called life.

Arto Rinne – lead and backing vocals, bouzuki, accordion, mandolin, kantele, guitar,blues harp, percussions
Dmitry Demin – folk flutes/народные флейты, clarinet/кларнет, bag-pipe/волынка,flute & alto flute, soprano sax, puusarvi, mänkeri, bull-roarer / pärrä, jew’s harp, cajon
Eila Rinne – violin/скрипка, jouhikko , lead and backing vocals
Vladislav Demin - violin
Andrey Habonen – bass guitar (# 1,3,5,6,7,12)
Artem Undalov -– bass guitar  ( # 2,4,9,10,11)
Petr Vasilyev – drums and percussion, waw-waw bass (#8)
Emmi Kuittinen –karelian yoik (#2)

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1. Laulajapoika / Singer boy / Певец  (music A.Rinne, lyrics trad / A.Rinne )  3.41
2. Soutelemma joutelemma / We leisurely row / Мы гребем, не спешим (music A.Rinne, lyrics trad / A.Rinne)  4.26
3. Ikävässä / Longing / Тоска (music A.Rinne, lyrics trad / A.Rinne)     4.30
4. Коса / Braid / Palmikko (music L. Demina, lyrics trad/ A.Rinne)    3.29
5. Kinofilmi / Film / Кинофильм (music A.Rinne, lyrics trad/A.Rinne) 3.24
6. Lennä lennä lintuni / Fly fly my bird / Лети, лети, моя птичка (music A.Rinne, lyrics trad / A.Rinne)               4.28
7. Pikajuna Petroskoi-Joensuu / Express train / Экспресс Petrozavodsk-Joensuu (music A.Rinne)  3.27                                  
8. Varausloitsu / Protection spell / Заговор-оберег (music A.Rinne, lyrics M.Perttunen) 4.57
9. Парень из посада / Country Boy / Maalaispoika (music V. Demin, lyrics V. Agapitov) 4.06
10. Платок или перстенек? / Headscarf or ring? / Huivi vai sormus? (music L Demina, lyrics trad) 3.43
11. Kulkijapoika / Vagabond / Бродяга (music & lyrics trad / A.Rinne)4.14
12. Ruočinsuari / Ruochi island / Остров Руоччи  (music A.Rinne) 4.33

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