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Home » Style » Folklor (traditional) » Traditional music of Central » - ‎Pamir. Aryan Memory: Musical Traditions In Pamir (2CD+DVD+BOOK) (2007)

- ‎Pamir. Aryan Memory: Musical Traditions In Pamir (2CD+DVD+BOOK) (2007)

Style: Folklor (traditional), Traditional music of Central
Region: Central Asia / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / Pamir
Label: Kailas Records
Source: CD+DVD , Book

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A unique deluxe collector's editon of traditional Pamir music "Aryan Memory". The set comprises a 6-page double DVD digipack holding two audio-CDs, a DVD and a 20-page full-colored booklet with information on musicians and conventional musical instruments of the Pamirs as well as a 100-page full-colored book in 14x25 cm format which describes the history of the Pamirs, beliefs and traditional ways of life of local residents (about 200 illustrations, texts are in both Russian and English). All components are packed in a bright-colored cardboard box. The Pamirs territory, being an almost inaccessible region, has preserved to this day tokens of the most ancient human culture, symbols, music, worldview, which are at least several millennia old - the spiritual foundation that gave birth to the greatest European and Asian cultures. But it should be mentioned that Pamir music is relatively unresearched, there have been issued only about five CD recordings, of which only one or two were favored with positive responses from the indigenous population of the Pamirs, because the spirit of this ancient civilization completely dissolves in recording studios and stays alive only when the music is performed in traditional environment. This recording of traditional Pamir music, presented in the "Aryan Memory" edition, is one of a few in this list, that had captured musicians in a fully unconstrained state and where the impact of sound-recording equipment was kept to a minimum. Particular attention should be given to the DVD, which is an integral part of the set. The film was shot both in the Pamirs in the River Bartang's Valley and at the Museum of musical instruments in Gurmindzh. It is an hour and a half long and it demonstrates the Pamir nature, it's ancient culture, dances and music and also exposes the psychology of the natives. There is no voice over or subtitles, the film relies mostly on meditative and trance-like perception. The book contains a lot of photos of forbidden regions of the Pamirs which in the recent times have been absolutely inaccessible to foreigners and are hardly accessible even now... Each copy weighs 750 gramms.

CD1: Lyrical Traditions
01. Be Parvo Falak     7:16
02. Sadoi Dil     3:27
03. E Pari Shukhi Satamgar / Khumoran Asiri / Chand Kunam Tarif Choshmonati     11:14
04. Rapo (Take 2)     7:01
05. Khud Safed Kholash Siyokh / Rukhi Tu Ravnak (Haqani)     10:36
06. Dargilak / Lalaik / Falak / Dowdowak     4:39
07. Kishkish / Shirin Dona     5:53
08. Setor Improvisation     8:34
09. Rapo (Take 1)     6:45
Total:     65:31

CD2: Epic Traditions     
01. Khushomadi (Shofotur) / Gul Be Rukhyor (Hafiz Shirazi)     12:19
02. Dargilak / Lalaik / Kel Falak     5:14
03. Falak "Layli And Majnun" (Nasir-i Khusrav)     7:35
04. Rapo     3:07
05. Mado "Gushwarname" (Nasir-i Khusrav)     41:07
Total:     69:26

DVD:  Film "Aryan Memory" (97:00)

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