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Ochelie Soroki – Istoie (2018)
Ochelie Soroki – Severnoe Tsartstvo / The Northern Kingdom

Ochelie Soroki is a Russian neo-folk band, founded in 2011 by Uliana Shulepina and Pavel Boyev. The source of inspiration of the group was song folklore and traditional music of the Slavic and Scandinavian peoples.

Music Ochelie Soroki can hear the echoes of cult neo-folk projects, etc. Dead Can Dance, Wardruna, Hedningarna, Potir, Volga, Inna Zhelannaya and others, but the band has its own unique style of performance, harmoniously on the verge of a dynamic drive of ethno music and unsteady mystical ambient.

Song material Ochelie Soroki consists of ancient Slavonic tunes, harmoniously intertwined with mystical texts in bird language. The charismatic manner of performing the vocalist Ulyana Shulepina skillfully conveys the emotional mood of the compositions, and the rich instrumental palette surprises with a wide range of sound and non-standard solutions.

In Sketis Music online store you can buy CD albums from one of the most mysterious Russian folk bands " Ochelie Soroki " - Istoe (2018) and the Northern Kingdom (2015), as well as find links to resources that give you the opportunity to listen and download albums of Ochelie Soroki