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Home » Style » Throat singing » Jew's harp music » world music » Nikolay Oorzhak - Nikolay Oorzhak & Mikhail Zhukov – Algysh (2002)

Nikolay Oorzhak - Nikolay Oorzhak & Mikhail Zhukov – Algysh (2002)

Style: Throat singing, Jew's harp music, world music
Region: Siberia / Altai / Tuva / Yakutia (Sakha)
Label: Long Arms
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 8-р booklet

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1, 3, 4 - traditional compositions 
2, 5-compositions by Mikhail Zhukov 
6-composition by Nikolai Oorzhak and Mikhail Zhukov

Recorded in the summer of 2001
Mikhail Molochnikov - design
Nikolay Dmitriev and Grigory Tsuverkalov - producers.
One of the best examples of Russian world music based on authentic Tuvan shaman practice and new music for percussion instruments.

1. Kargyraa (Throat Singing Style)
2. Joerel (Good Wish) 
3. Khomus (Jaws harp) 
4. Sygyt (Throat Singing Style)
5. Dungur (Shamanic Ritual Drum)
6. Algysh (Shaman`s Ritual) 

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