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Narechie – Narechie (2019)
Narechie – From the town (2022)

The music of the band “Narechie” (Наречие) from Russian city Belgorod is a high-quality modern folk and world music. Here the Russian traditional song sounds with a dense rock sound, with elements of jazz and fusion. Vocalist Alexey Nichiporuk with singers Victoria Kosareva and Alla Fomkina are responsible for the folk component here. Their beautiful voices are woven into a bright canvas of polyphony, and ethnic winds create a folk atmosphere. Contemporary arrangements are made with the classic rock instruments: guitar (Andrei Levsha), drums (Roman Shaternikov) and bass (Sergey Vizgalnikov), and Mediterranean jazz motifs performed on the clarinet by Gennady Chukhlov give the album a special flavor and integrity.