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Home » Style » world music » - Arabic Tango - Leena Malak feat. Gasan Mamedov (Ashgabad) (2007)

- Arabic Tango - Leena Malak feat. Gasan Mamedov (Ashgabad) (2007)

Style: world music
Region: Central Asia / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / Pamir
Label: Sketis Music , Manas Records
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 4-р booklet

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      The history of the album "Arabic Tango" originates at the WOMAD festival, conducted by Peter Gabriel. The singer of Russian origin, who lives in London and sings in Arabic, came somehow to the concert of the band "Ashgabat", published on the label of Gabriel Real World.
Lina liked the virtuosic game of the favorite of the audience of the violinist Hasan Mammadov. Hassan liked the unusual role (Russian singer in London, singing in Arabic!) And the extraordinary energy of Lina. As a result, the idea arose to write down something together.
Lina had a fairly rich repertoire of her songs in the words of famous Arab poets. There were also several songs for Arabic verses translated into Russian ...
Nazim Nadirov (Manas Records), producing Hasan Mammadov and the Ashgabat group, proposed to take as the key and title composition the unfading retro-singer of the legend of Arabic music Farida El-Atrash, famous (and beloved) to the Russian people performed by Batyr Zakirov .
Kamal Ballan (ud), Vladimir Lazerson (Scottish bagpipes), Tatiana Semichastnova (accordion), Valery Sturov (guitar) took part in the recording of the album, which lasted about a year. Keyboards and most of the arrangements are Maxim Bruckstein.
The CD "Arabic Tango" (Manas Records MR 7011) appeared in Europe in August 1998 and became a pleasant surprise for many European radio stations. In the world music charts of Scandinavian countries, Italy, Greece and some other countries, "Arab Tango" for several months was in the top twenty.

В общеевропейском хит-параде мировой музыки диск начинал третий десяток лучших альбомов Европы, а радио Берлина (SFB) признало альбом лучшим диском недели.

1.  Arabic Tango  
2.  Lqamar Laileiah
3.  Zaman Al-Safa
4.  Khaleni Ahibbak
5.  La Tinsani
6.  Haiman wa Moghram
7.  Что пожелаешь, Милая?
8.  Я вернусь к тебе
9.  Lasta Lee, Lasto Lak
10. Ya Hala
11. El Kilmat En-Alit
12. Arabic tango (инструментальная версия)


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