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Inna Zhelannaya "Izvorot" 2CD (2014)
Inna Zhelannaya "The Cocoon" feat Trey Gunn (2009)
Inna Zhelannaya "Winter" CD + DVD (2008)

Inna Zhelannaya does not fit into the usual genre definitions - it is a wild mixture of progressive rock, jazz, trance, psychedelics, and at the heart of everything lies the Russian ethnic song tradition.

In 2007, the modern musical composition of the Inna Zhelannaya group was formed when Russian musicians - bassist Sergey Kalachev, saxophonist Oleg Maryahin, drummer Dmitry Frolov, sound engineer Vladimir Gubatov - concentrated on the singer - and each introduced his unique handwriting in creating the singer's corporate style.

However, as the great Zappa said, "talking about music is like dancing about architecture." Therefore, it is better to hear one time than read a hundred times.

- This is a real Russian psychedelic! - write listeners of Inna Zhelannaya's concerts - This is a progressive new formation! - echoed by eminent critics.

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