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Home » Style » Rock » Folk rock » Kalinov Most - Dmitry Revyakin (Kalinov Most) - Zmeeborets (2017)

Kalinov Most - Dmitry Revyakin (Kalinov Most) - Zmeeborets (2017)

Style: Rock, Folk rock
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals
Label: Author's published
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack + booklet + slimbox

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Novosibirsk rock musician Dmitry Revyakin (leader of the group Kalinov Most) released a solo album. The studio album was called "Zmeeborets" (The Snake-Player) and was released in November 2017. The album included Revyakin's songs, which for various reasons did not fit into the numbered releases of the Kalinov Most group. On the record Dmitry Revyakin worked with guitarist and arranger Alexander Badazhkov.


01. Without emotions
02. Hook
03. Black water
04. There is no truth
05. Prayer of the Twin
06. The virus
07. I'm coming to you
08. The pulse is not cold
09. Axiom
10. Laughter
11. Callsign
12. Romantics

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