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Baraka - In Red (2007)

Style: Ethno jazz, Ethno fusion
Region: Central Asia / Tajikistan / Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / Pamir
Label: Kailas Records
Source: CD
Edition type: 6p digipack

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Brand: Baraka

Concert album of the band Baraka recorded by musicians during a performance in the St. Petersburg club "Red" in 2007. The album reveals new facets of the band's individual style, in which more and more space is allocated to jazz improvisations and art-rock elements.


Vilnis Kundrats - sax (5,7,9,13)
Andrey Melnikov - guitar (3)
Inta Broka - violin
Dmitry Evsikov - programmed, tabla, dumbek, darbuka, daff, dhol, rainstick, santoor (3,13), bass (12)

1. Fog (Baraka)
2. Cadance And Cascade (King Crimson)
3. Ambient (Baraka)
4. In The Wake Of Poseidon (King Crimson)
5. Café (Baraka)
6. Exiles (King Crimson)
7. China-I (Baraka)
8. Akramzon (Shams with Muboraksho)
9. 10 Beat (Baraka)
10. Parvinamo (Shams with Muboraksho)
11. Yellow Fellow (Mynta)
12. Drum Solo (Dmitry Evsikov)
13. China-2 (Baraka)
14. Raga Sol (Baraka)

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