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Home » Style » Ethno jazz » Ethno fusion » Arkady Shilkloper - Arkady Shilkloper - Presente Para Moscow (2003)

Arkady Shilkloper - Arkady Shilkloper - Presente Para Moscow (2003)

Style: Ethno jazz, Ethno fusion
Region: Russia / Volga area / Urals , East Europe / Balkans
Label: Dom Records
Source: CD
Edition type: jewel box, 6-р booklet

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The story of the album You hold in your hands began in February 2000, when my colleagues at the Vienna Art Orchestra, the Brazilian guitarist Alegre Correa and Austrian bassist Georg Brinsmead at my invitation first arrived in Moscow. Having met in Sheremetyevo, successfully passed passport and customs control and briefly acquainted with the history of the airport, we moved to the bus waiting for us. Suddenly, Alegre stopped and frantically looked for something in his bag and finally took out a sheet of sheet music paper; sitting in the bus and showing no interest to the winter landscape of Moscow, he became absorbed in writing a theme, which was just ready for the arrival to the hotel. Alegre dedicated it to Moscow and called it "Presente para Moscou"("Gift to Moscow"). Each of the 12 guests-musicians participating in the recordings, which will be discussed later, gave Moscow and the Moscow public a piece of his soul, love and talent, so the name of the song Alegre"Gift to Moscow" is the best suited as the name of the album.

01. Dance Seven
02. Berimbaoduo 
03. Beer for ''Bird''
04. Funk Horn 
05. Presente Para Moscou
06. Nida
07. Carnival
08. Serafima
09. Step by Step 

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