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Vozvraschenie - Time Not Gone, 2010
Spring Land (2014)
Deep (2018)
Vozvraschenie – For Children of Birds (2020)

The work of Sergey Kanunnikov and the band Vozvraschenie is a continuation of the song tradition, its development, and a serious dialogue with the listener. These are emotions, the main thing in which is sincerity. This is a story that did not end with a distant past, but continues today and now. Sound Vozvraschenie is a combination of a hard rhythm section, characteristic for guitar rock, flavored with a colorful palette of Russian ethnic winds instruments, melodic vocals, memorable technical solos. In Sergey Kanunnikov's songs, the past and the present are closely intertwined, in them the border between the rhythms of the modern city and the sounds of the taiga erases. Some people say that the music of the band Vozvraschenie, you need to listen as a medicine, when you forget that you are Russian.